I remember you talking to me about the Pirate Canvas a while back.
Peter Lee

Hi Peter,

To my mind we can apply AARRR to any business ecosystem. So in B2B we still wish to maximise our utility to the other members of the ecosystem — even if the business function has been defined as 1:1. That’s because a 1:1 business constraint merely reflects a lack of vision — there are certainly more business units we could supply, and externalising our services invariably generates more business.

For example, consider a taxi dispatcher. Supplying B2B to an owner of a fleet of cabs in a city is one thing. Externalising your services so that any owners of any fleets anywhere in the world can obtain dispatching services would make you an Uber. Or consider Amazon’s cloud services — providing them to the rest of the world, not just Amazon’s sales business — now constitutes 56% of its operating income. So I see AARRR applies to any value stream.

Agreed on the team structure challenge. But that’s the subject of another conversation …


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