If instead of writing this you’d just searched Sandi Metz on youtube and watched a couple of her…
Rimantas Liubertas

Rimantas Liubertas — You’re completely right. Or put it the other way round “A fool with a tool is still a fool”…or…these days blogs need to be filled and discussions need to be based on personal feelings… especially if you want to promote your own website ;-)

And the whole blog post is an example of an big whataboutism rant about constructed problems that have been discussed over and over again. I really got bored with such stuff years ago. If a blog starts with “xyz is dead” or “xyz is the root of all evil” then I usually stop reading…A car is really a great tool to move you from a to b, but if you don’t keep physics in mind and rely on marketing promises of your ESP you get catapulted out of a bent if you go in to fast…Don’t try to use OOP without knowing it’s limits an pecularities…If you know them and “feel home” OOP can be a great tool. Not new enough to fill a lot of hippster blogs…but still valid…as functional programming is, too.

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