His armies killed 17 million people — 5% of the 14th century world population

Tamerlane, a Turco-Mongol conqueror — artistic depiction (Image: Pinterest/@Ahmet Sağsöz)

During the summer of 1941, Josef Stalin ordered the opening of the mysterious tomb in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The superstitious locals warned the dictator of the Soviet Union about the curse. The archeologists opened the tomb on the 20th of June 1941. The sarcophagus had the following curse written on the top:

Two days later, on the 22nd of June 1941, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. Stalin believed the curse and they returned the body to the tomb.

Who was the man able to strike the fear in the hearts of…

What happened to the offspring of some of the evilest people in history?

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun with the Speer and Bormann children (Photo credit: National Archives at College Par)

How did the children of the Nazi leaders remember their fathers? Did they defend them? Did they condemn their murderous ancestors?

Let’s have a look at the children of Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering, Hans Frank, Albert Speer, Rudolf Hess, Martin Bormann, and Joseph Goebbels.

Please note that Adolf Hitler didn’t have children.

1. Gudrun Himmler: the daughter of Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS

The Nazis forced over 50,000 young women into sexual slavery

A French prostitute with a German soldier (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Every war involves violent sexual assaults. Throughout history, armies committed sexual atrocities on the civilian population. World War II was no exception.

The German forces inflicted a massive amount of sexual violence on women. Rape, forced prostitution, and sexual harassment were rampant and systematic.

The German military brothels

The sadistic Nazi criminal led a peaceful life in plain sight of everyone for twenty years

One of the most iconic photographs of the Holocaust. Josef Blösche (right) is aiming his submachine at the terrified boy (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Because of his sadistic brutality, the Jews gave him the nickname “Frankenstein.” It was in the Warsaw Ghetto where his monstrous nature came into full view. Only a few know his name — Josef Blösche, but millions know his face from the iconic photo above.

The photo was taken in May 1943 in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland. The bloodthirsty members of SS (Schutzstaffel, in German, meaning Protection Squadron) herded the Jews into a street. In the center of the photo was a terrified seven-year-old boy. The man pointing a submachine gun towards the boy was Josef Blösche.

The entire…

The Babylonians were a society obsessed with sex

The Babylonian marriage market (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The Bible portrays Babylon as a wicked city. The Greeks considered the Ancient Babylonians to be a sex-obsessed culture.

For the Babylonians, having sex was a natural activity, the same as eating and sleeping. You could practice sex without the feeling of guilt and whenever you pleased, as long as nobody got harmed.

Let’s explore the raunchy details of this ancient sexually liberal society.

Quick facts about Ancient Babylon

Damascus steel, Greek fire, and Ulfberht swords were game-changers

Ancient superweapons (Illustration by Peter Dennis (top), Wikimedia Commons (left), and mokume.com (right))

Technology always played an important part in warfare. Better weapons increased the chances of winning. For example, weapons made of iron were superior to weapons made of bronze. Longbows were no match for guns. Tanks easily overran cavalry.

Every new technology was and still is a game-changer. Let’s have a look at three ancient weapons that gave their owners an immense advantage on battlefields. Interestingly, the technology to manufacture these advanced weapons was forever lost in the sands of time.

1. The unbreakable Damascus steel

The cake created in the honor of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova

The Pavlova cake (Image:theflavorbender.com)

Every lover of cakes knows the Pavlova cake. The Pavlova is a meringue dessert made of whipped egg whites and sugar. It is light and crisp on the outside and in the middle tastes like a marshmallow. Usually, it is garnished with whipped cream and fruit such as strawberries and kiwis.

The Pavlova cake was invented in honor of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. She toured Australia and New Zealand during the 1920s with her own ballet company. …

The fantastic story of Franz Sacher, the inventor of the tasty Sachertorte cake

Franz Sacher (left) and his famous invention — the Sachertorte cake (right) (Image: Wikimedia Commons (left) and thefinerthingsintravel.com (right))

Chocolate cakes are the most popular cakes on our planet. After all, how can a person even resist eating chocolate?

The Sachertorte is one of the most famous cakes on our planet. Of course, it is a type of chocolate cake. The basic recipe for the Sachertorte is simple. Besides the chocolate, you need only butter, sugar, eggs, wheat flour, and apricot jam to make this tasty dessert.

Sacher was an apprentice in the court’s…

Lawrence Brooks was born on 12 September 1909

Lawrence Brooks on his 111th birthday (Photo credit: The National WWII Museum)

Lawrence Brooks is a beloved member of his community in New Orleans. He is a guy who likes to tell jokes and makes people feel good through his positive attitude towards life. As it happens, he is also the oldest living veteran of World War II in the United States of America.

For his 111th birthday, Lawrence Brooks received over 10,000 birthday cards. He is one of approximately 500 living super-centenarians worldwide. A super-centenarian is a person who is at least 110 years old.

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats so much that they preferred to lose a war than to kill innocent furry friends

The Persians used cats against the Egyptian army (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Ancient Egyptians believed cats were the manifestation of Goddess Bastet. Bastet was a goddess of the home, fertility, and women’s secrets. They believed that slaughterers of cats would inflict plague and other disasters.

The cats were indeed worshipped, but not only because they represented the goddess. The main (and more concrete) reason was that cats were hunting rats and mice. Ancient Egypt was a society that thrived on grain. If you have granaries full of grain, you are always afraid that little rodents will eat your crops. The Ancient Egyptians found cats a perfect solution to their problem.

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