Tactical Breathing — Control Your Breathe, Control Your Body, Control Your Mind

I was introduced to meditation in 2017 and since then it’s become a daily practise in my life.

Box breathing (also referred to as tactical breathing by some) is a breathing technique taught by Mark Divine and is used by Navy Seals to calm themselves during intense and stressful situations.

Combining daily meditation with this tactical breathing technique has noticeably improved the way I feel (both mentally and physically) on a daily basis, even from Day 1 of trying out this breathing technique.

What is breathwork and how does Tactical Breathing benefit us?

Breathwork is a way of changing your breathing patterns in order to influence how you’re feeling and improve your mental and even physical health.

The tactical breathing method calms down the body and when the body calms down, the mind also calms down.

Daily practise of this technique rewires your bodies breathing pattern to automatically calm itself down during stressful and intense situations.

This breathe control provides clarity of the mind, improved focus, boosts your attention span, it positively affects the way you think, the way you feel, and even your performance in the bedroom.

How to find Breathing Timer Apps?

If you search for “Box Breathing” in the app stores you’ll find an abundance of apps that allow you to set the times for your desired breathing patterns.

The app I personally use is called BreathAir.

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Nomadic ✈️🌏 - Blockchain & Digital Currencies, Travel, Marketing, Business, Self-Development.