The AFL Is Being A Little Inconsistent When It Comes To Their Baby

If I was a Sydney or Geelong fan I’d be furious with Greater Western Sydney being allowed to play at Spotless Stadium this weekend.

Both Sydney and Geelong have disgracefully not been allowed to play games at the SCG and Simmonds Stadium, which they have deserved during this years final series to maximise crowed capacity, yet when it comes to GWS apparently the same rules do not apply.

GWS will be facing the Western Bulldogs on Saturday at a venue that only allows 24, 000 spectators to attend. Under 30, 000 people in a cutthroat preliminary final for the Giants to make their first grand final ever and the Dogs to make their first since 1961, is disgusting.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Sydney were unable to play at their preferred venue at the SCG and lost, against who else but GWS.

Geelong who has also deserved a home ground advantage this week has been stripped of it and will be playing Sydney at the MCG. Now how is this fair? Well to be honest its not.


Geelong may very well still beat Sydney this week however; if they were to go against the Swans at Simmonds Stadium instead, their chances skyrocket as they have made that ground a fortress since 2007.

To me this looks like the AFL are spoon feeding their baby a grand final and doing everything possible to make it successful like a typical parent would.

As if all the draft picks, extra salary cap and academy players were not enough, now we gave to give them even more of a push.

Geelong fans should be furious and especially if they lose this weekend, as this is unfair anyway you look at it and on top of everything it is all happening in the same week.

Of course the AFL cannot be biased and want to treat all teams equal, but this right here looks to be the exact opposite of that.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to take anything away from GWS this season, they genuinely deserve to be where they are now and have had a brilliant year, however I just feel that both of GWS’s games in the finals this year seem to me as if they have had slight advantage given to them over everyone else and that’s just wrong.

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