Will Harry Taylor’s Move Be As Successful As Chris Tarrant’s?

It was reported earlier this week that duel premiership and All-Australian defender Harry Taylor, will be making a permanent switch to the forward half in 2017.

Taylor who has played 204 games for the Cats predominately as a defender, is expected to act as the foil for teammate Tom Hawkins. After fellow tall options Mitch Clark and Shane Kersten, departed the club at the conclusion of last season.

Taylor has reportedly been training with the forwards all summer and is now looking likely to stay with them.

This may work as an incredible masterstroke for coach Chris Scott however, it may equally turn to be a mistake that he may regret.

Taylor will not be the first established key position player to make the switch in recent years, with Luke Mcguane, Daniel Merrett, and James Frawley (his final season at Melbourne) all making the move with minimal success.

Arguably the most successful player two make a switch from forward to back, would have to be former Collingwood and Fremantle’s Chris Tarrant.

Tarrant was famously a five time leading goal-kicker and All-Australian winner at Collingwood, before making the move to defence at Fremantle, with enormous success.

This change will be the exact opposite to that move and we haven’t seen enough of Taylor as a permanent forward, to confidently suggest whether this will be a bad move or not. However, from the little we have seen of him as an attacking option, it looks likely that is may work.

Despite Taylor spending little time up front in his career to date, he has managed some good performances in the forward half. In Taylor’s best attacking efforts he has kicked six goals in Round 10, 2012, and five goals in Round 5, 2013.

Still this alone doesn’t mean that the permanent move up front will be an immediate success however; it does give Geelong fans a glimmer of hope.

Although, even if Taylor does prove that he can act as the perfect relief for Hawkins up forward this upcoming season, it may still make a turn for the worse if the Cats defence cannot hold together without him.

Therefore, there will be just as much pressure on the shoulders of Lachie Henderson, Tom Lonergan and Jake Kolodjashnij, as there will be on Taylor’s for this move to work.

Though if this move by Scott is successful, Geelong may end up having one of the greatest forward duos in the league.

Originally published at fulltimehq.wordpress.com on February 16, 2017.

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