Trump is being “Birther-ized”

It is high time.

Democrats and the media were paying attention after all. Trump was a master at de-legitimztion of opponents, starting with the birther thing against Obama. Assert something outrageous, insist on staying unconvinced, and then let the controversy confirm that the subject is “controversial.” It pulled Obama down.

BuzzFeed is asserting Trump is a Russian puppet being blackmailed by perfidious secrets held over him by the Kremlin. The New York Times spreads the scandal by primly describing why they are not publishing the unverified story because it does not meet their standards, and then describe in multiple stories what is asserted but unverified. How nice and ethical. How cynical. How Trump-like.

Meanwhile Breitbart and Fox are brought into it, denying that Trump is victim to pornographic video blackmail, denying Trump is beholden, spreading the controversy through their denials. Trump holds a press conference blasting others for fake news. It is a witch hunt and Nazi Germany, he said. (I remember a classmate observed that whoever cites Nazi Germany first has lost the argument.) The Kremlin denies they have the goods on Trump. Perfect. News outlets can now report their denial, noting that the Kremlin would of course deny it, just as they deny having troops in eastern Ukraine, an obvious lie.

Now the notion of Trump and a secret connection to Russia is out there, being asserted, anonymously. There is some basis for wonder since after all Trump and Putin say nice things about each other. Trump is ignoring Russian moves into Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Maybe there is something. Who knows? One cannot prove a negative.

My Democratic senator Wyden is calling for Senate hearings. Yes, let’s debate and discuss just how corrupted Trump is by Russia. The Republicans don’t want hearings on Trump’s Russia connection? They must have something to hide. Why not have hearings on what exactly is in the Russian videotapes. There are no Russian videotapes? Prove it. Show us the files. Trump is blasting the CNN louder than he is blasting the Kremlin. Doesn’t that seem weird?

I have been dismayed for months over the superiority of cynical Trump messaging over Democratic messaging. Trump understood the media environment better than either the Democrats or the media itself. But at long last they learned something from Trump.

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