My Summer with the Donald: An Investigation of Trump’s Strategy
Sofia Lapides-Wilson

Very good article, very insightful. Thanks. I have been to multiple Trump and Hillary rallies — plus those of the primary candidates each beat. You understand Trump’s persuasive techniques very well and this was a useful article to help me understand what he does. One insight I get from the Trump rallies is that the TV people all share one microphone — there is a single one on his lecturn. It is directional and hears Trump well and the crowds dimly. But inside the rally, especially up close to Trump, one hcars the crowd noise and it is substantial. Trump is responds to that energy and feedback. Trump is a more organic part of the audience than is apparent to a tv viewer. He is a performer, working with the crowd, not to the crowd.

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(I dropped out of an American History PhD program at Yale back in 1972. I was studying America at Yale and realized that every single person I knew was voting for McGovern, not Nixon. I decided if I wanted actually to learn about America I needed to go see it, not sit in Sterling Library.)