One of my favorite political articles was the account of how a whole box of ballots was overlooked…
TX Kevin

You have to look at the clear and shameful voter suppression behaviour of North Carolina in all this and decide whether the other states are also trying to do the same thing but just hiding it better. North Carolina did a thorough survey of all the voting methods and measures used in the state, then deliberately set out to remove those which were used mainly by black voters. Black voters tend to vote Democrat, which is why Republican lawmakers set out to target black voters to make it more difficult for them to vote. And it is illegal under various laws to target black voters specifically.

Needless to say the federal appeal court saw through what the new law was trying to do and ordered them to stop it. The Supreme Court is now politically balanced and is not going to overturn the federal appeal court decision.

It is thus an official finding that the North Carolina version of democracy is to do everything possible (legal or illegal) to prevent black democrat voters from registering and voting. A number of other states try to hide the intent of suppressing voters but give it away with subtle restrictions — for instance allowing drivers license photo ids but disallowing student photo ids.

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