Two sides to every story

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

The idea that there are two sides to an argument or way of thinking seems to be positive on one hand. But it may end up making us more close-minded in the long run.

There are often more than two sides to story.

Depending on how many people are involved, there are at least that many sides or perspectives.

There aren’t only two directions such as up and down. There’s left and right. Sideways, diagonal, and squiggly meandering lines. All kinds of directions.

Things aren’t black and white. They’re shades of grey. Or multi-coloured.

There are some absolutes. But less than we pretend there are.

When we think there’s only two sides to an argument, it’s easy to choose a side and fight with rigor all those that oppose it.

It’s not as easy to look at a different position someone holds and see the similarities between them and us.

Polarization is driving a wedge between us all. Or at least half of us, right?

We need more sides to the story… And to be open to listen to them.



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