Our Oil Is Running Out and Here’s How Long It Will All Last…

Oil prices have been in steep decline throughout the last few years and this is largely due to excess supply and overproduction. This has caused the price of oil to drop and the consequences were felt throughout the financial markets.

However, this issue of “too much oil” is not going to go on forever, and neither is our use of the oil that is hidden beneath our earth’s surface. Right now there are proven oil reserves that we expect to last about 53 years.

So the clock is ticking… literally.

Now webmasters and bloggers can watch the earth’s oil reserves plummet in real time on their own blog or website. The oil clock from Peter Leeds can be embedded on virtually any website to display a running countdown clock which notates how much longer the world’s oil supply is going to last.

This is a powerful tool that can be used to raise awareness of the impending issues that are only going to become worse as the oil supply shrinks and the earth’s current warming trend progresses.

The oil clock can currently be displayed on any website that uses the Wordpress blogging and content management platform. The clock is easily to install on a website and the colors can all be customized to match the existing look and feel of your site’s template.

Link to Wordpress.com Plugin Download | Original Clock on Peter’s Site

So what will happen to oil prices in the next 50 years? Well, this is the game of the millennium and if you can answer correctly you may become very very wealthy.

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