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How an old program serves as an influence to the democratization of hardware and a new form of expression. That, and a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Retro-computing is a weird hobby of mine. I collect, rebuild, and like to play with old hardware, particularly 80's micro’s. It’s something my wife, with her allergy to accumulating old junk, has to endure. She has no choice really — it was part of a verbal prenup we made before getting married. Old computers are just part of the package with me —an obvious influence to anyone that’s come across some of the work we produced at Teehan+Lax Labs.

People in this hobby always have a holy grail computer they’re hunting for. It’s usually the one you grew up with — that Commodore 64, Apple II, Tandy, or other machine you wasted countless hours playing games, copying programs from magazines, and writing terrible GOTO loops in BASIC. …


Peter Nitsch

Co-founder of @WattageIO. Former Director of Teehan+Lax Labs. Programming, baseball, and all things text-mode.

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