How I Make Money to Travel The World

“Casa” as my Polish friends would say which is a slang for ‘money’ is such a taboo topic for most people.

Many of the people I meet wonder how I make money but are afraid of asking and when curiosity finally gets the better of them and they ask, there’s always a “but only if you’re comfortable sharing” or “sorry if it’s too personal/private” added at the end.

Today I’m going to share with you how I make money.

Many of us (myself included) were raised with a negative indoctrination towards money — it’s hard to come by, rich people are greedy and evil, money doesn’t grow on trees, you can only make money from working really hard, don’t dream of earning too much or you’ll be disappointed, don’t dream too big or you might fail, etc.

It’s no wonder that many of us believe that we need to slave away and trade our time for money, settling for jobs we hate in order to survive.

The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki helped me break free of this unhealthy mindset around money. It explores through stories — the perspective of someone with a healthy relationship to money versus someone with an unhealthy relationship to money.

Interesting and Unique Ways of Working Remotely:

Before I get started with sharing about how I personally make money, I want to share a quick list of some interesting and unique jobs that I’ve seen other people or friends doing to support a lifestyle where they have the freedom to travel the world and work on their own schedule:

  • Teaching English online
  • Selling licensed music to gyms, restaurants and cafes where the music is updated on a regular basis and fits the atmosphere of the venue (this one surprised me a lot and I had never thought about the music in gyms and restaurants being compiled and updated each month by someone who gets paid for it!)
  • Managing Instagram and Facebook content for brands and E-Commerce stores
  • Managing and responding to comments on Instagram, Facebook and email for brands and stores
  • Provide a regular stream of fresh content for brand products (taking photos and making videos of their products in different locations and settings)
  • Creating subtitles in English and different languages for movies, TV shows and online videos
  • Writing articles for their favourite websites and blogs
  • Online fitness coaching
  • Accountants and lawyers who work remotely
  • And many more…

The internet provides such a unique opportunity for people to work remotely!

How I Make Money:

I’ve been building businesses for the past 12 years. Since then until now I’ve built over 18 businesses (I’ve kind of lost count by now) with a bit of freelancing every now and then.

Many of these businesses failed miserably and provided incredible learning lessons which helped strengthen who I am as a person and provided me with invaluable business and life knowledge and experience.

With each business venture I learned and tweaked to find ways that would help me earn an income in the most efficient and effective manner and I would try to avoid making the same mistakes from previous failures.

Today I have FIVE different streams of income:

My philosophy in business is to ‘Automate or Delegate’.

Where ever possible I’ll use software and processes to automate a task and whenever I couldn’t then I’d delegate the tasks to someone else in a fair, win-win way. This allowed me to quickly diversify my income sources and provided me with extra time to research and learn about new things.

1. Email & Facebook Ads Marketing Agency:
I started by learning how to set up advanced email marketing automation’s and Facebook advertising for my own E-Commerce stores and got great results for myself.

As I would freely share strategies and advice with other people, friends and friends of friends began taking notice and asked if they could outsource their marketing needs over to me.

By being transparent, genuine with my clients (talking to them casually like a friend instead of a client with dollar signs over their heads), and delivering great results this lead to more and more word of mouth referral and I eventually had to train people to help me manage everything and now I guess it’s a marketing agency (with no name, no website, and no promotion required even after almost 2 years)

2. Business Consulting:
I’m pretty picky with who I work with since I really commit and put in a lot of energy for the clients I work with.

I’ll jump on calls with my clients every once in a while to go over their finances and to advise them on growth and business strategies.

3. SaaS (Software as a Service):
This is one of my favourite sources of income. Put in the effort to build and execute on an idea with a team that you treat right then earn consistently through monthly subscriptions.

Nobody that I ever work with is an employee. Everyone I work with is a partner/team member. My friends that I work on SaaS projects with get a higher percentage of revenue split than me simply because they do more work and we all have an important role to play. This way, everybody has a big benefit and motivator to push things forward to succeed instead of getting a steady paycheck regardless of how much effort/time is put in.

4. Shares/Dividends From Helping Friends (Mostly E-Commerce Stores):
This was a unique one that I never would’ve thought I’d be earning money from.

In 2016 after realising that I had so much knowledge and skills in business, I decided I just wanted to help out friends who were struggling — for FREE. I had never asked for a single dollar or share in return for my help.

Growing up I always questioned the way things were done…

When I was told that ‘nobody in the world will help you for free without expecting anything in return’ I would wonder — WHY? Why can’t people help each other without expecting anything in return? Why can’t we just help each other for the sake of helping another fellow human being and that would be enough?

I decided that if nobody else was doing it, then I would do it. With my experience in business, I helped a few friends with their struggling businesses and within months they would see rapid growth and expansion in revenue, processes and more.

All of these businesses (besides the most recent one which we’re only 1 month in) have gone on to become 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Several of these friends decided they wanted to show a token of gratitude by giving me a share in the business, a set monthly ‘thank you fund’ or freebies from their business (one of them includes free healthy meals everyday whenever I’m living in that country!)

5. Compound interest and dividends from investments in Blockchain companies/projects:
Blockchain is such a new technology that most people don’t understand it yet.

Several of the projects I’ve invested in also pay out dividends which I mainly use to compound interest (if you’re not sure what compound interest means, look it up — it might just change your life in the future if you start taking action now), or I convert some dividends into money that I use in everyday life (I rarely do this though).

One of my strengths is looking at technology and the way the world is unfolding from a bigger picture and long term perspective, coupled with an unusually high motivation for learning and researching in-depth on topics that interest me.

In the mid 2000's I saw the potential of the internet and how greatly it would affect our lives in the future so I began learning about how to make an income online, E-Commerce and more.

At the time I was too young and had no idea about the topics of finance, economy and investing otherwise I would’ve invested in Google, Yahoo and Facebook when I first discovered and saw their potential — I missed that boat.

Right now, Blockchain projects and companies present that same opportunity and this time around, we are still VERY early.

And there you have it, all the ways that I make money to sustain myself :)

I recently ran several of my own E-Commerce stores but decided to sell them or just stop running some of them in order to free up time to focus more on helping others and dedicating more time to my personal development.

To live a life of freedom where you can travel and work in your own time, you don’t really need to be earning that much, in fact I’ve met many people who travel and explore the world full time who earn only $800 — $1000 USD per month and live comfortable lives.

I myself live comfortably in most parts of the world and usually spend between $500 USD — $1250 USD per month depending on where I stay. All the excess goes into savings and investments.

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