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This was my first week of working on my Big Change for 2017 as part of the VIP Program and I have been consistent so far. My Big change is daily yoga practice.

I have started capturing my activity online in an Evernote note called Daily Tracking that is used to append information from IFTTT and workflow recipes that run every time I tweet or recommend a medium post or add a quick note to Evernote. Any task I complete in Todoist is appended as well with a date stamp. Every tweet I send get added to the list.

Every article that I recommend on Medium gets added to the list. …

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The age old questions of why we are here and what is our purpose or mission on this earth has troubled mankind for thousand of years. If we look throughout history we can find reference points when people with the knowledge and understanding of the world at the time had tried to attach meaning and make sense of our existence.

Whether it was Seneca talking about The Shortness of Life or Richard Feynman on the Meaning of It All, covering different both ends of the spectrum or even Jimmy Carter on his 1979 speech called The Crisis of Confidence warning the public that the road to consumerism does not satisfy our longing for meaning. …

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Reading the excerpt “Shitty First Drafts” from Anne Lamott Bird by Bird made me realize the importance of Drafts.

1. Start Writing

Getting everything on the page, bad or good or both. Just get it out. Sometimes it is coherent. Sometimes it is not. Who cares. Nobody is going to see this.

2. Edit What Your Wrote

Once you have written, you can now edit. You can edit a page you have written but you can’t edit a blank page. There needs to be something to work with.

3. Stick Around To Make Those Edits

You need to stop worrying about writing something shitty. It will be shitty. Just write it. Stop worrying about it. …

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After watching The Minimalists documentary on Netflix last week I was reminded of the last time I gave most of my clothes away and how surprisingly and utterly liberating it felt.

It provides a far more fulfilling sense of enjoyment that lasts longer than the impulse buyer’s high.

As I watched the documentary I was reminded of the importance of letting go of the stories we carry in our head that keep us enslaved and attached to physical possessions.

If you are looking for a big change in your life that can produce multiple benefits then the 21 Day challenge from the Minimalists is excellent. During this challenge you pack up everything in your house as if you were moving. Maybe you are in the middle of moving. …

Stress, anxiety and fear of what the day might bring is not a healthy way to lead your life. Your attitude towards life during your waking moments, from that very first moment of opening your eyes in the morning, can have significant life-changing impact. Let the very first thoughts and words that ensue and emanate from your heart and mind to be “Thank you”. You are being grateful for being given another day, with which to make something of it that wouldn’t have been without you.

The notion of taking things for granted is an epidemic that affects everyone on this planet and extends from the material to the spiritual realm. We have grown up with a false sense of entitlement to things that will not leave us any better off having acquired them. The sentence I’ve heard so many times and probably said myself at some points in my life, “I just want to know what I am entitled to, nothing more, nothing less”. …

How can we appreciate ourself and honour our soul when we are bound within the confines of the ego?

When we are not aware of our ego, we are destined to ask this question operating from a place ego. Thus, our answer will always be in a way that serves the ego, but not ourself or our soul.

When we becomes aware of the existence of ego and its overreaching reigns, that’s when we realise that our life so far, has not been one of choice, but one of obedience and service to the ego. We can only begin to understand the power of ego over us, by examining our thoughts. …

We have associated living and existing with the possession and accumulation of material objects and money. The more the better. We are not the ones to blame. We are brought up this way. As Wayne Dyer used to say, when we are in the morning phase of our life we are consumed by these beliefs. There is a point though that we reach and we start to catch glimpses of something else.

There is a point where we start asking ourselves if this is all there is? We don’t need to struggle but rather let go. Let go of worrying. Let go of stress. …

How much of your life has been a reaction to circumstances to problems and unforeseen situations? Have you taken the time to have a birds eye view of your life so far? Like a river visible from a plane, there is a visible track of events and our reactions to them. Whether these could have been handled better or differently, we might come with some other ways in retrospect.

The same goes for this day, this moment. We have a choice. Most of the time, as there are situations we have gotten ourselves into that enslave us for the days ahead of us. We can’t shake these off. …

Imagine your day as you wake up. There are some knowns and some unknowns. You don’t know how everything is going to work out. During your day you will experience a range of emotions that will define the quality of your day. If the mind is left unattended it will resort to its set pathways of the brain. The old beaten path. Thoughts, memories, worries and fears that you carry around during your weekdays.

These thoughts are mostly negative. That is our brain’s built-in defence system. The amygdala. It has been there forever. Its main mission it to protect us. …

There is more to this world we perceive around us. There is an invisible ecosystem of chemicals and frequencies emitted so much as from each one of us, as from nature.

Love is a such a phenomenon. You can’t describe it exactly, as it means different things to different people. We feel it though. You can sense love when you walk into a house or you are in the presence of others. It is either love or its absence. A void or something entirely negative. …


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