Peter Starr and the importance of weight lifting to Golf

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, Peter Starr played intramural basketball, golf and football at the school. He was also an accomplished golfer at his Ohio high school. In an effort to improve his athletic capabilities, Peter Starr regularly performed weight lifting exercises in high school and college. He also took many classes on weight lifting and worked with a trainer.

The bench press is an effective exercise to build strong chest, back, deltoid, and tricep muscles. To get the most out of a workout, weight lifters should incorporate these three variations of the exercise:

1. Reverse-grip bench press — This variation of the bench press focuses on building strong triceps and improving overall form, as the reverse grip requires the elbows to stay tucked into your sides. Be sure to use wrist wraps and a spotter for support and safety purposes.

2. Incline bench press — While it’s harder to lift as much weight while sitting on a bench at a 45-degree incline, this exercise targets your middle and anterior deltoids to help round out your chest.

3. Decline bench press — In contrast to the incline bench press, situate a bench at a 45-degree decline and push the bar forward with an overhand grip. This exercise targets the lower chest muscles and is an effective complement to the incline bench press.

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As a student at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio, Peter Starr balanced his criminal justice studies with active involvement in on-campus activities.

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