Lessons I’ve learned from working with hundreds of developer SaaS businesses while building and managing developer-focused marketplaces at Heroku and Manifold


Jeff Andersen previewing Manifold’s Terraform Integration

After four months in beta, we’re officially ready to say 👋

What’s happened since May?

So, what’s new?

Teams: Share your stack with your teammates

Share resources with Manifold Teams and get a sneak peek of our new command line tool

Share your stack with your team

Feed what you need

Highly available message queues for developers of all sizes

Improving the way you create resources

Organize resources by application to streamline exporting credentials.

Ready to start grouping resources? Here’s how.

Websolr enters the ring

Speaking of Free 🙅 💳

We shouldn’t have to decide between convenience and quality

Peter Cho

VP Product at LogDNA.com. Previously Manifold.co, Heroku/Salesforce.

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