The Future of the London ExpressionEngine Meetup
Andrew Fairlie

Really sounds good Andrew, every 3 months sounds realistic, especially flexible with relevant industry events (there’s a big SEO one in Brighton in April…?). I like the sound of short lightning presentations as in the past that keeps the flow moving if the presenter knows their time is short, should also offer more volunteers to do something if they don’t have to prep much. It also means good flexibility in subjects.

Importantly (especially with lightning presentations) I think it needs better upsell and agenda, so there’s a more interesting carrot to entice people to the event, rather than just social - I have to travel for nearly 4 hours to get there and back (door to door) and have to leave work early so lose out on paid work - so need to know it’s worth it. Not just to meet all the lovely peeps obviously!

There are other far more active groups that do markup, agnostic CMS, UX, programming, etc, so don’t think it should be marketed as such, but have an anchor on subject(s), but as has happened in the past with the EE meetups, there could be a whole evening discussing markup and responsive approaches that loosely relate to how to implement in EE. So anchoring on EE and Craft sounds a great idea, but it’s not fixed to just those subjects.

To be honest a more flexible approach on subject encourages me more, as I’m more interested in open solutions to a project, not how to do something in a specific CMS. It’s about the best tools for the specific job.

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