In the past four months, we’ve seen the darkness come to life after years of fighting to eradicate…
Toni Cooper

I have never shied away from letting my elected officials know exactly how I feel and how I want them to vote. But they’re all on the side of the angels, for which I am endlessly grateful.

The cohort that opts for business interests over constituents’ needs are a separate challenge. Those politicians need to hear from the voters in their districts — the ones who turned out during recess, who are sure to reappear when their members of Congress are back in those districts, and who may even camp out at their representatives’ doors in D.C.

It’s also time to let the advertisers on Fox News know that Ailes and O’Reilly were only the symptoms. The disease is the Murdochs, and the only cure for them is to choke off their revenue stream.

Their viewers (and the readers of their equally biased print journals) will never abandon them. Yet the 52% of the nation that voted for Clinton can offer to stop buying products from the companies that advertise on Fox and run ads in Murdoch’s papers. If income at those companies declines, they are likely to re-think their media buys.

Yet that will take principles. It will take brave CEOs who are willing to announce their decision (and risk losing business from conservatives). It will take the heads of medical and healthcare corporations to speak out and announce that they will find other venues to communicate their messages.

As for Congress, the midterms are too far in the future to make any difference now. Yet their corporate “sponsors” will almost certainly start spending with a fervor that would make Goebbels gasp. Thought it hurts me to say it, the companies that think that the Administration’s close enough to evil to qualify for hellfire and brimstone will have to pony up and launch counter campaigns.

And people will have to continue to take to the streets. They will have to make POTUS so angry that he summons the National Guard — the very people whom his policies harm — and sees them disobey because their governors won’t give the Guard permission to muster.

I can assure, I won’t be taken. But it’s the people who can be fooled all of the time who need to be shaken awake: the ones who need to be persuaded to enlist in the fight for their rights.

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