Replacing the paper logbook is just the start

The daily reality for a lot of busy teams still involves a lot of manual, repetitive record keeping. This won’t change any time soon — most of it’s critical for running a secure and efficient business.

But it doesn’t need to be so painful. Record keeping shouldn’t be an extra job on top of the actual job.

Trail was designed to make the working day easier. But after talking to hundreds of front & back of house teams, we realised record keeping was the single most painful part of their job.

So we set out to fix it and came…

It’s been another bumper year here at Trail HQ! 🚀 We’ve smashed our targets, secured another round of investment, grown our customer base with loads of fantastic new names, won awards for global expansion and have joined Oracle for their startup cloud accelerator programme.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also developed our product and solved many of the problems that the service sector face on a daily basis.

Problems solved ✅ (via new features)

A raft of new customers also brought us a bunch of fresh challenges. Thankfully we love a good challenge — here are the highlights:

For managers

  • Hit the ground running — with…

You can now tailor task checklists to make it more relevant to you and your team

Adding items

Managers will now see an “Add item” link at the end of every checklist.

  • Add items when you want to set your team extra tasks to complete
  • Add items when you want to leave hand over notes between shifts or make sure people remember a specific event happening at your site in the future
  • These extra items can replace post-it notes which often litter the back of house areas and can get lost


Look out for the new flag icon next to items on a checklist

  • Flag an item when you can’t complete it (e.g a delivery didn’t arrive)
  • Flag…

Sometimes when you’re setting up or editing tasks you need to see the task content, for example what your compliance, auditing or cleaning tasks will look like to your teams.

Maybe you need to show a local authority or your internal auditing team. That meant jumping around from the Task Planner to your teams Trails to find an example of each task.

Not any longer! You can now quickly preview the content of any task in the Task Planner, all your eggs in one handy basket!

You can view each task one at a time or hit the “Preview all”…

New tools to get your tasks working harder!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, we really love tasks — well, more specifically completing them! It’s at the very heart of Trail. 🎉

Teams follow a Trail of tasks each day. But if tasks aren’t shown at the right time, don’t have the right content or not shown to the right person then, well, they’re no better than paper checklists.

That’s why we’ve made the way you create and manage tasks better.

Our objectives

  1. Task management wherever you are - on phone, tablet or laptop
  2. Better understanding of everything a task can do
  3. Pave the way for future features (sneak peek…

Teams work better when they focus on the right task at the right time. We’ve now made it even more effortless!

  • Are you tired of seeing too many tasks in your Task Planner?
  • Is your team wading through lots of tasks to find their own?

Worry no more, we’ve just launched Task Tags” 🎉

Say what?

Tags are super simple, they allow you to label your tasks with anything you like (e.g roles, departments, importance or type of task).

Example tags

Say you’re a restaurant who wants to split your tasks into “front of house” and “back of house”. Easy… just tag the relevant tasks and your teams can now filter their Trail just by those tags.

So each team only sees what they need…

Hospitality admin can be pretty repetitive, the same tasks day after day…

  • Wash the floors
  • Clean the ovens
  • Cash the tills
  • Log the food temperatures
  • The list goes on…

Every day Trail teams are checking off the same tasks, over and over again.

They have to — in some cases it’s the law but more importantly, it helps large organisations maintain the standards that we as customers are used to.

They used to do it in paper log books (now that was dull 😒)

Trail replaces that paper log book, with an app on shiny tablets and phones, devices that…

Pete Randall

Head of Product @trailapp

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