Electoral College: Make History!

I love our Republic. I am writing to you, American Electors, because I am a fan of yours.

We are now facing an unprecedented reality: a member of the wealthy 1% has been chosen as president-elect by an unparalleled minority of the voting population. This person is a billionaire, with personal vested interests in the countries that oppose American democracy, its human right policies and its world politics. For the first time in history you, the Electors, are faced with the responsibility to protect this country and its constitution against enemies foreign and domestic, literally.

What has always inspired me in the Passion of the Christ is that we, the people, were given the choice, and the responsibility, to save Jesus, but we chose to crucify him. What has always scared me in the Holocaust nightmare is that the we, the people, elected and supported its perpetrator. These two examples remind me everyday of my responsibility as an individual. Our Founding Fathers were aware of our limited capacity to understand the ‘the big picture’ and they created the Electoral College to offset this inherent weakness.

You, the Electors, are now the only group with the power to stop the menace that the president-elect represents. The president-elect is well aware of your power and has already threatened some of you who expressed the desire to vote their conscience. This is the kind of regime that, if not stopped, will govern our Republic, cripple our democracy and harm our economy.

Here are a few of the facts that are worth repeating. We have proof that the recent popular vote has been swayed and influenced directly by America’s historical enemy and the demagogue that is now leading it, Russia.

In spite of the president-elect’s refusal to disclose his taxes (never happened before) everybody knows he and his family have, and will continue to have, enormous business interests in the very countries that have opposed American democratic principles and threatened our economy, like Russia, China and the oil producing countries in the Middle East.

The president-elect campaigned to ‘drain-the-swamp’ of Wall Street and corporate power mongers, yet he appointed the very people that are the swamp. For example, former Goldman Sachs executive and profiteer of the 2008 American economy collapse, Steven Mnuchin (head of Treasury) and Rex W. Tillerson (Secretary of State), the chief executive of Exxon Mobil and longtime friend of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

If this weren’t enough, the list of the president-elect’s frightening choices for his cabinet include, Elaine L. Chao, the wife of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who, when briefed about the Russian hacking, voted to keep it a secret (while now he acts as the advocate for a bi-partisan investigation to cover his previous responsibility), Stephen K. Bannon, a proud, outspoken white-supremacist, Rick Perry, as Energy Secretary who publicly announced his opposition to the Energy Department (the nation’s arsenal of nuclear weapons), and Scott Pruitt, as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a well known ally of oil barons Koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry.

These choices prove that the president-elect is deliberately picking other members of the 1% and similar power mongers who operate (in secret) to increase their wealth while damaging the rest of the population. This will not ‘make America great again,’ this will simply ‘make the 1% more-powerful-than-ever, again.’

On election night my family grieved. What we felt wasn’t a political disappointment, rather, the death of the country we love, the values we believe in and fought for and the humanity we want to be part of.

But we are not alone. Over five million people (a record number), of different political affiliations, have signed petitions, asking you, the Electors, to stand up, do your job and vote your conscience.

We, the majority of the American people, from both sides of the aisle and regardless of how we voted, all want similar things for ourselves and our children. We want you to fulfill your constitutional responsibility and see through the demagogic lies that have confused us. We urge you to stand up, make history and make the Founding Fathers proud. We urge you to make your children proud. We urge you to show the world what it means to be an American versus a party puppet. We, the majority of the American people, have your back.

We urge you, American Electors, stop the president-elect and vote your conscience.