‘Photography helped me stay alive’ says British artist Anthony Fisher

I can relate t’bloke. Spent 12 years in the Army, including several tours of N Ireland. Some years later I was diagnosed with PTSD and all that goes with it.

Got hold of a point and press camera and started taking photos of flowers and insects etc. I then moved to taking photos of my local football team. After several years I was given a Nikon D3100 and a telescopic lens.

I am now the official photographer of two local football teams, plus many other Sunday squads. Done the usual photographer stuff as well.

Since taking up photography I can honestly say my mental health has improved quite a bit. No more suicidal thought etc, my temperment has calmed down a heck of a lot, so long as I can go out with my camera the only way is forward.

Who would think a camera, could be such a life saver??

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