Currency + cryptography + networks = cryptoeconomics

Intro to Crypto-economics

Short summaries from the best articles I’ve found on the crypto economy. To be updated as they emerge.

If you’re fairly familiar with the concept of crypto tokens, feel free to skip to the Blockchain in the Real World below. Otherwise, let’s start off with some good introductory articles.

Blockchain as ledger, why ledger’s have been meaningful throughout history and what is now different thanks to this technology:

How blockchain works. A really basic overview using emoji:

Then a more comprehensive introduction into the technology itself:

And a short summary of the basics:

Blockchains in the Real World

These articles explore the profound shift that’s underway. From the potential of leap-frogging emerging markets to the fundamental need for the people to succeed where nation states fail, dive deep with this though-provoking essays.

Coincidentally, they’re all written by the same person. A true wizard at explaining the technology, I present to you Mr Vinay Gupta:

Going deep. Really deep.

If you’re still with me, adrenaline pumping through your veins at the potential that is being unleashed by these technologies, then you are invited to explore these concepts in greater depth.

First, more technical explorations of crypto-economics:

And how capitalism itself could be transformed:

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Surprise (mindblowing) post at the end. Could we go beyond having a few, popular crypto-currencies and simply issue our OWN personal currency? A convincing case…