Seattle — Day 18: Tent Pitching, Foot Planting

The modern world is all about how quickly we can access something, attain a dream, accomplish a goal, and how efficient we are. This is the world we live in today. It’s a world where people can and will be fired because they didn’t do their job fast enough, or customers can be lost because the data wasn’t processed efficiently. Millenniums (those born in the range of 1980 to 2000’s) especially fall victim to this mindset. We just don’t want to wait for anything. We’ll stop going to a restaurant because the service is slow, or switch to Google Chrome because Internet Explorer is just so dang slow. Don’t get me wrong, efficiency is really good! It’s awesome actually, and I love that my phone runs applications quickly, and that I can watch sermons in HD just like that from my home computer without having to wait 5 years for it to buffer. It’s the reason why I stopped going to Mauracci’s in Berkeley and de-fragged my computer, because I just didn’t want to wait aimlessly. Heck it’s what I even do here it Amazon, working to provide customers with faster, more efficient products, so that we can cut out useless waiting and services. However, as I’m sure you could’ve inferred, this lifestyle and perspective on life bodes with negative consequences as well. A clear cut example is pre-martial sex. The mindset that is consumed with the lie of — it’s not worth it to wait. A more hidden instance of this perspective is in frustration, when we so angry and irritated at not seeing immediate results in our work, education, relationship, or goals. We just don’t like to wait period. Even for the most patient people you meet, their waiting has a threshold to how long they will wait, because honestly, nobody can wait forever. But what if waiting had a purpose?

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this phrase — there is a beauty in allowing the Lord to prepare you for things to come. It’s been challenging me so much because I simply don’t enjoy the process of waiting. Now I think by grace the Lord’s given be a lot of patience and have been waiting for many things in my life, but I still really don’t like waiting to just be completely honest. Because for me, life was always about doing, and the concept of not doing anything extremely frustrated me. It’s because I eventually want to see the things that I’m waiting for to happen. It’s natural and right, otherwise, why the heck would you wait? We wait for our food because we want to eat the food. We wait for our friends because we want to be with our friends. Likewise, we wait in advent, the coming of Christ, so that we can be with Christ and that He may redeem the world. We wait because in all waiting, there is something that we’re waiting for, a purpose. So as simple as that may be, we forget it so much.

“Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.” — Proverbs 19:2

So when I think about waiting on the Lord, being still, and preparation that the Lord is doing in my heart, mind and soul, I must realize that there is not only value in it, but eternal purpose in my waiting. The Lord is using my waiting, your waiting, for this season or even multiple seasons, or your whole life to be honest, so that He may prepare you for things to come. He had me wait to get an internship so that He would prepare me with skills to do well in the internship, which by grace I’ve been doing pretty great at (it’s been so good. Thank you guys for praying for me). He has me waiting right now to be a father hopefully on day, so that I may learn what it means to first be a son. He has me waiting on doing ministry, so that He can refine my character and not allow my arrogance and pride to hinder the will of the Lord. The waiting has a purpose, and its purpose is preparation. It’s not just a preparation of skills, but a prepping of the heart, one’s knowledge, one’s character, one’s walk with Jesus so that we may use the things to come to glorify His name and not our own. Waiting is a gift from Jesus.

Additionally, we must understand this — waiting is not a passive action. When we wait, its not a sitting around of not doing anything. We must continue to do the work that Christ has called us to do in preaching the gospel, loving our neighbors, obeying his commandments, and especially, praying to Him in our waiting. We wait by praying and sowing in, allowing the Lord to prepare us for these things to come of which we are waiting for. Especially as a church, as the Bride of Jesus, we wait by allowing Him to sanctify and unify us more and more everyday until His return. Waiting is not passive.

Lastly, the concept of waiting must be understood with this heart — I will be content with what the Lord has given me, where He’s placed me, who He’s surrounded me, with what He’s allowed me to steward my life with until He changes them, until different dreams and convictions are given. This doesn’t mean that you stop praying for change. What this means is that we stop living our lives in a tippy-toed mentality, of not fully committing to things because we’re afraid to be hurt or want to be “ready” to leave them if the Lord calls us elsewhere. The key here is that waiting for things must require commitment, and with that, you’re bound to get hurt. Also, if the Lord is going to call you to leave // do something else, then that’ll come when it comes. Why are we so focused on the future that we can’t even steward the things of the present that the Lord has given us for today? Yes sow into your dreams and wait patiently, but at the same time, commit fully to the things that are before you. Let’s shift out of the mentality of “I’ll wait 2 years and then I’ll date” or “I’ll stay in this city for 4 years and then I’ll leave to go elsewhere.” Did Jesus tell you that? Or are you trying to form His will to be Your will?

We have to be people that wait on the Lord, and that means doing what He has placed before us faithfully and well, in content, until He tells us otherwise. Staying in the city were in until He says leave. Committing to our job until He has go. Being faithful to a ministry until He says drop it. Enjoying and being joyful with singleness He changes your heart to desire a helper or a leader. Honoring in being in a relationship in holiness until He convicts your heart to marry said man or woman. We must be people that pitch our tents, and not just use sleepbags being so quick and ready to leave our circumstances. Yes there will be hurt that comes, but hurt naturally comes when you give your all to a cause, a ministry, a friend, and to Jesus.

I am waiting on You,
My heart’s discouraged, 
So I come to You expectant. 
Oh, wretched man that I am!
Free me from my distractions.
Then confession and repentance
Find me in the quiet.
You say You’re good to those who wait.
Now I know You’re good to those who wait.
Lord, today You know what I need to do,
But You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.
So I won’t run anymore.
I’m waiting on You.
Oh, my soul,
Wait upon the Lord.
Keep your lamp filled with oil.
Oh, my soul,
Be not deceived!
Wait for Him.
Don’t be quick to leave.
Lord, today You know what I need to do,
But You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.
So I won’t run anymore.
I’m waiting on You.

Nathan. What was awesome was I got to get dinner with the friend that I made in Seattle. He took me out to this awesome Japanese restaurant for U-don, where you can customize your bowl, and get a bunch of cool Japanese street food things like tempura, onigiri, karage, tako yaki, etc. I had some really good Oh-something Udon LOL, with potato karage and tako yaki. Nathan even paid for me, which surprised me. It was awesome to be treated out and to have such a generous loving brother in my life. We started off by just sharing general things, and then I proceeded to share bits of my testimony, why I’m here in Seattle, how God lead me, and we went on and on. It got to the point where the Spirit started leading me to share a lot of my past hurt, things that the Lord helped me overcome, and many other things that I would confide in the closest of brothers. It was really cool to share these things with him and grow closer to him even after only knowing him for less than a week. I of course got to hear things about his life, and listening to someone speak in from of me was so refreshing. It was great to hear about his life and how he got to Seattle. We got to share dreams, visions, things we like, etc. It’s just great to have a friend, a physical friend up with me here.

Afterwards, I got to see his place, he lives in the Udub dorms, which is awesome. They have marble floors… hahaha, so interesting. There we stod outside his balcony together, continued to converse and just be real with each other. I really appreciated today, and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for our friendship in the years to come.

U:Don — So many options, luckily I chose good ones.

Silly things — Amazon doesn’t give its workers President’s Day off, so I worked yesterday hahaha. Amazon gives its employees 6 holidays I believe that are paid. What a rough life. By grace though, work has been great so I’m thankful.

Prayer Requests: 
Please pray for me as I have a presentation for work this Friday. I really want to do well and to honor the Lord with excellence in the work place. Even if I fail and do horribly, I want to know that the Lord is trustworthy in my failure and that He is with me, that this joy will not cease to be true based on circumstance.

“Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor.” — Proverbs 21:21
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