Seattle — Day 54: Trigger Points

I’m a bit out of it today so this will be a very short post that’s a bit scatter brained. It’s an interesting thought that I had that I’d like to share with you. I just don’t have the ability as of right now to communicate it effectively. Hopeful that the Lord will still use my lacking for His glory, and that you will receive something from this even in the absence of eloquence.

Reflections — I got a deep tissue massage from a brother named Tevin Tak. As I was getting the massage, one of the things that he said was that often, physical pain that we have in our body can be amended not by massaging the specific location that has pain itself, but a trigger point, elsewhere in the body that directly affects the the location it is “triggering.” As he continued destroying my weak body, which is now incredibly sore in the right shoulder area, I began thinking about how eerily similar this is to how many times Christ chooses to bring healing in our own emotional and spiritual lives.

Take for instance the pain that I had in my heart growing up as a child who struggled with loneliness. On the surface, I thought that this could very easily be massaged out of my life by just making friends, spending more time with people, in order to fix this whole situation, and so I did. I began spending time with more people, but saw to it that it had no affect on me. Therefore, I began spending time with different groups of people. Perhaps, I thought, the issue was that these people weren’t the kind of people that would help fix my “situation.”

What I found after years of struggling through all of this was that me trying to massage the loneliness out in my life wasn’t fixing it. If the pain was in my state of isolation, shouldn’t the solution be to surround myself with others? It wasn’t working at all. Instead what was happening was something else, a different pain, was triggering another. In this case, this was my undealt with depression and insecurity that instigated all the pain and fear of being lonely.

The point of all this is that sometimes healing isn’t as simple as 1 2 3. Let it be known that so often that not the Lord will reveal to us that there are far more deeper hurts and emotional pain that we haven’t learned to deal with yet, that directly affects what we hurt by on the surface level. I encourage you all to pry deep into the things that hurt you right now, and ask the Lord if the pain is truly stemming from something so surface level, or if it originates from a pain that is much deeper. Let’s not be afraid of the what the Lord can and will reveal to us as we pray. For He is faithful, and any pain revealed, He will be with you to comfort you through it, to heal you of it, and to therefore, deliver you from it. Praise Him.

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” — 1 Peter 2:24

Let us remember the promise given to us by the cross. Christ desires full and complete restoration of His people. That all may come to know Him, and in turn, know who they truly are in Christ. The amount that we will be healed of is the amount of hurt that we recognize, admit to a need of healing in, and in turn, seek healing from the Lord. Please remember this promise today. Seek the Lord in your hurting, and know that He is Jehovah Rapha, Healer God, that stands with us in every hurting. Thank you Jesus.

Prayer Requests — Please pray for me. I have so much work that needs to be done by this Friday for my presentation, and am clinging desperately to Jesus that He will strengthen me through it. I can feel the desire to give in to my anxiety or nervousness. Please pray that I continue to put my hope in the Lord, trusting in His goodness, and knowing that He will sustain me through these next days.

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