Seattle — Day 71: Random Information

I thought that it would be a good idea and a fun thing to do to just share some information about me as your writer. I think it’s in my delusion world in my head that I assume that many people already know a lot of these things, but most likely many of you don’t. Hopefully this helps you learn more things about me, and allows you to look into my life beyond all the theological reflections, or mundane day to day routines. If you have anything that you want to know about me on top of these things, please feel free to ask. I’m more than happy and willing to share with you.

Fun Facts — 
1) I’m 6 feet tall
2) I’m a Korean-American
3) Born in Los Angeles
4) Grew up in Glendale, California
5) Loved Hot Wheels, Legos, action figures growing up as a child
6) First started playing basketball in middle school
7) Was a huge New Orleans Hornets fan throughout middle school. Watching Chris Paul and those boys were great days. 
8) Transitioned into a Laker fan throughout high school (in rebellion. I would say that I didn’t like them, but I would watch every single game) and college. 
9) Started bowling a lot in high school with friends from church
10) I played the violin, piano, clarinet, cello, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar all for periods of my life with cello, bass guitar and now acoustic/electric guitar being the longest stints
11) I hate playing cello
12) I love the sound of cello
13) My first guitar that I played was a really old Spanish classical style guitar with nylon strings. I played that thing until only 2 strings were left (as I didn’t know how to change strings on a guitar during high school)
14) I loved and still love reading. Some of my favorite book series growing up were the Cirque du Freak, Harry Potter, Nicholas Flamel: The Alchemist, Percy Jackson, and Artemis Fowl series’. 
15) Some of my all time favorite novels are The Alchemist by Pablo Coehlo, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and Night by Elie Wiesel. All great books. You have to read these.
16) A few of my favorite Christian books are Prodigal God by Tim Keller, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, and The Truth About Lies by Tim Chaddick. All great books. 
17) And if you’re into theology, you have to read Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem. Solid book. 
18) When I got my first phone in middle school, I chose not to get the legendary ENV1 but instead got this old thing:

First Phone — Same price as the ENV, but much much worse.

19) I was in the chess club in Elementary school.
20) I was also in the YuGiOh club. I dominated.
21) I was one of those kids that would constantly be in the trading card store buying new cards to upgrade my deck. I remember buying a bunch of booster packs and huge sets, and just tearing through the boxes to try to find rare cards. Good old days. Wasted so much money haha. 
22) I ended up selling a lot of my cards to get my first Ipod, the Ipod Video. Yeah I wasn’t the best choice when it came down to technological buys when I was growing up. The IPOD video sucked. 
23) I listened to a lot of rap in middle school because one of the cool guys in school said that you had to listen to Tupac to be cool .Therefore, I filled my IPOD up with Tupac, Eminem, Kanye (old Kanye, we talking pre-Graduation album Kanye), Jay Z, NaS, Biggie Smalls, pDiddy, NWA, Ice Cube alone, Dr. Dre alone, and we can keep going. Those were interesting days. 
24) I finally deleted all of my secular music around freshmen year of high school and proceeded to download only Christian music for my iTunes. It was at the time a good and necessary change from the constant rap banter that wasn’t necessarily filling my mind with encouraging thoughts of Jesus Christ. 
25) I grew up in a Christian home. 
26) I have a younger sister named Christine who goes to UC Riverside right now. She’s studying biology to go into dentistry one day. 
27) My dad owned three dry cleaners when we were in elementary school, while my mom was in medical school studying to become a licensed acupuncturist. 
28) My dad sold all of these dry cleaners around the time I went to middle school to study and become a pastor. 
29) I went to middle school in the 6th grade, as there was an early entry program. 
30) I was very obese from 3rd grade all the way until 7th grade really. I cut off all the weight I had and was practically the sick of a stick by around 9th grade. 
31) I loved to read comics, and just go through my comic book encyclopedias over and over again. Huge fan of the Calvin Hobbes series. 
32) An awesome comic that you have to read if you’re into comics is the Batman series: Death of the Family and The Killing Joke. Oh man, great reads. 
33) I was a pretty happy kid growing up, but got pretty depressed and sad around elementary school as I started to gain weight and began to be bullied. 
34) I was very dissatisfied with my life around the ages of 9–17. Nothing was going the way that I wanted it to go. 
35) I loved playing video games growing up. I played everything from Dota, WarCraft 3, Counter Strike, Maplestory, Addicting Games, New Grounds, Solitaire/Ping Pong/Chess/Checkers on the super old Windows Xp/2000 computers. 
36) I ended up getting a gameboy advanced with Pokemon Sapphire being the first game I got around 5th grade I believe. I got a PS2 around 6th grade, with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 being the first game I got for that. Both were awesome games. 
37) Best game hands down: Kingdom Hearts 2.

Longest Fight — Anybody remember this? Good times.

38) Ended up getting an GameCube, XBOX 360, PS3 later. Loved playing the Bioshock series, the NBA 2k series, and the Left for Dead series. 
39) If you haven’t learned by now, I’m a pretty nerdy guy. 
40) I skateboarded in middle school and high school. First board was a super bad Switch board from Boarders. I later got a Habitat board, with some Reds, generic wheels, Tensor Trucks, and some Girl grip tape. I had an awesome skateboard. Too bad it snapped in half later as I was doing tricks. 
41) I love sandwiches. If you can take me to a good sandwich shop, we’ll be good friends. A pretty good place to try is a new place I went to today in Homegrown sandwiches in Seattle. I was pretty impressed. 
42) Best sandwich place in my opinion: I’m a super big fan of Ike’s sandwiches. Love their stuff, and have only tried three of their sandwiches. Super excited they’re coming to Berkeley. 
43) I’m not too much of a fan of Indian food to be honest. I just never feel like I’m eating enough. 
44) My food trinity before college was: Pho + Sushi + Tacos. [Food trinity are foods that you must have every week] 
45) My new food trinity after college is and remains: Sandwich + Thai + Sushi
46) I wear glasses, but never wear contacts. I started to wear glasses around high school. I never knew that you were suppose to be able to see the chalkboard without squinting. I didn’t wear my glasses normally until around sophomore year of college, as I was super insecure about my appearance with them on. 
47) Favorite clothing brands: Uniqlo (for some cheap flannels), Banana Republic + J.Crew (for practically everything else), Nike (for basketball shoes + athletic wear)
48) I have sprained my ankles so many times that my ankles start to just crack really loudly when I simply just spin them around. 
49) I’ve also sprained my fingers and broken them so much that a lot of my fingers bend out in strange shapes. 
50) Huge fan of the Office, and How I Met your Mother. The CW’s Flash and Arrow are also great shows. 
51) Love myself some animation work too. Big fan of The Animated Series (TaS) Batman, TaS Superman, Young Justice, Justice League/Unlimited, Teen Titans (not Titans Go. Not that atrocity), Danny Phantom, Zatch Bell, Dragon Ball/Z (not GT. Please no), Ben 10, Fairy Odd Parents, Digimon, Pokemon, and a lot more.

Glory Days — TaS Batman days were so great.

52) If you couldn’t tell, I grew up watching a lot of television. Think hours a day. I did this partly because my parents were never home. Mom was always out working and dad studying to become a pastor. 
53) I’m a Computer Science Major at UC Berkeley (but really only by grace and grace alone. That’s a super long story)
54) I’m really interesting in Java development, but with no tendency’s toward anything specific. I’m enjoying my work in Big Data processing right now. 
55) I work for Amazon right now as a Software Engineer Development Intern. I’ll be working for Pandora this summer in Oakland. 
56) I originally came in as a Pre-Haas major, but ended up switching over to CS entirely later. I consider Anthropology and Sociology for a very long time, as I thought about going into full-time ministry post college. These plans changed as the Lord began guiding me through the people surrounding me, the word of God, and through prayer. 
57) I have very weak wrists. 
58) Huge fan of board games, but not a huge fan of Catan anymore. That game has destroyed too many friendships, and causes a lot of bitterness in certain individuals, you know who you are. (If you’re reading this, know I love you, but please note. That game is not beneficial for you and how you respond).
59) Though I was born in Los Angeles, Berkeley feels like home now. It’s where I have the majority of my friends, my accountability, my home church now, and where the Lord has called me. 
60) When I do go home to southern California, I go to a church called Light of Love Mission Church which was started by my own family. 
61) This is where I met my mentor Jonathan Fong, who taught me a lot of what I know today. He’s the one who shared the gospel with me and helped lead me to Jesus Christ. 
62) Though I love being with the body of Christ, I really enjoy my time alone. 
63) One thing I like doing is taking walks at night. 
64) I don’t like cauliflower too much. 
65) I’d rather have my fish raw then cooked. 
66) I use Old Spice deodorant. 
67) I usually like villains in movies, comics, and television shows over heroes, but strangely, never liked villains from books. 
68) Huge Star Wars fan.

Calvin Hobbes — Their star wars takes were awesome.

69) I’d really like to work at Facebook one day. 
70) First car was a Nissan Altima Coupe, which is now my sister’s car. 
71) I’ve enjoyed this entire process of blogging.

Wow that was a long list. I didn’t know where to stop so I thought 71 fun facts for blog post 71 was a quirky little thing to do. Hopefully this was useful and fun for you to read through. Though this isn’t everything, I hope that it gives you a better picture of who I am as simply a person, a regular breathing human being like yourself. Thanks for reading.

Prayer Requests — 
If you could pray for a confidence in my identity as a son of God that would be awesome. I need to stay in constant remembrance of who I am before God, and that His opinion of me is all that truly matters at the end. In moments where I stumble, and in moments of great triumph, I want to trust the Lord with all my heart and believe in the promise of when He says that I am a son, and an heir to throne of God now. Praise the Lord.

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