G Suite Backup Solution — Download Google Apps User Email Data to Outlook

With the ease of deployment nowadays, there are many submissive reasons why the Google Apps have become the de facto provider of mails and the other business tools. The root cause of this is its interoperability and the expandability across the globe. Users might get the basics with G Suite backup solution, which a local business or global business holders need. It is possible to connect to any other SAAS tool or Google apps backup making it robust and versatile. Though of such a great importance but one thing that lacks in the entire server is Built-in backup feature. To bridge the gap, we require a thirds party tool. We do not need to mention any large or medium sized business scale needs a proper backup solution. The main requirement is that something like an X-factor might be required that covers the data and presents a security of offsite backup.

So, is this the need of an hour to download Google Apps user data to Outlook or any other email client? Well, this question claims a lot and the answer for it is yes! The tip of the Iceberg is we need to backup all the data. So, gear up with the backup systems in a proper place. Ever considered what about the G suite and its data? For many emerging or already existing fortune companies G Apps is such an integral part of their work. Any single loss to it can act as the business-killers. If you are currently working on the similar position, you need to check whether the Google Apps Backup Service will works for you or not? It is not just because the data is not safe on the servers of Google, but it is just being getting more conscious about the upcoming or past threats. Few of the basic threats are:

  • Malwares, System Crashes, sabotage, malfunctioning in the hardware, data loss, corruption or many other issues.

Any loss to the data or issues by the corruption can get synced to the cloud. Feeling Threat full? Want to do something for safety. Try our G suite Backup software solution.

How to Create Backup for Google Apps?

It sounds very interesting, like backup Google Apps email account or download Google apps user email data. Well it is more than impossible to create backup of Google App user data manually. So, the best solution is following a third party tool. Well one of the best suited approach is Google Apps/G Suite Backup tool. Mentioned below are few of the highlighted features of the software. It even comes with round the clock assistance for downloading Google apps data. It has simple System specifications like:

  • All Winds OS supported, Requires 1 GHz Processor, 512 GB RAM, 20 MB free space in Hard Disk, Outlook, .NET Framework 4.5 or above.

Few of the highlighted features of the G Suite Backup Program are:

  1. Easily gets downloaded for G Suite/Google Apps for Business/Work/Education mailboxes, mails, address books, documents, calendars
  2. Takes the Archive in just two ways: Single users account and Domain User Backup
  3. Valid username and Password required for importing G Suite/Paid Google Mail Account Data items to a local server or computer
  4. No limitation of Backup file size. For copying or exporting the Domain User Mailboxes you need to fill the admin credentials
  5. Saves the contacts as vCard, calendars and .ics and docs in the latest format
  6. Particularly download a specific folder from the Google App users mailbox to a PC/hard drive/ SD card. Needs a smooth Internet connection for Quick Archive

Working of G Suite Backup Tool

The tool is very robust and serves the users with simple working steps:

  1. First of all, download and launch the software in your local machine. It gives users with a Welcome Screen which serves the users with an option of Backup. Click on the Backup option
  2. It provides two modes of backup. First one is single user backup and other is for domain users

Tip: For downloading, the data admin needs to enter password for all the users account.

3. Provides an option for single user backup. You need to fill the credentials of a single user backup. Once the entire information is filled, users need to click on the Register button. Also, you can easily select file type in which you can easily store the backup in a local machine. The emails can be taken backup in file formats like PST, MSG, MBOX and EML.

4. It provides the option to configure. Take backup of selected Google Apps folder and you can easily add time intervals for a specific date. It even provides users with an option delete after download.

5. Using the backup tool, you can easily select category, mails, address book, calendars, and documents.

6. Opt for browse button to begin the process and select the files to a desired location. Click on the start button for starting the process of download.

7. Once the entire process completes, a pop-up appears displaying the completion of Google backup process.

The Final Note

Since, Google Apps is very much reliable and the crashes are very rare even at the customers/clients end, but it might be very devastating if they happen. In such cases, users must be ready with a proper backup technique to resolve the issues. No matter how big the organizations are but it needs to be well planned and strategized to resolve all the issues in terms of Google Apps Backup. A single user or an organization can make use of the G Suite Backup solution in terms of a security because problems always come uninvited.