Gmail Backup Tool — Download Gmail Account Emails to Outlook PST/PC

Many times, Google can act weird and presents you with an error i.e., sudden technical glitch occurred. So, to bridge the gap, users can download Gmail backup tool. It working seems like an added advantage for the product. It is basically a globally accepted program for safe-guarding the Gmail Account data by creating Gmail backup to Outlook PST or saving to PC’s hard disk. Users can even use the software. But, this requires users to create Gmail Backup that can easily be done by our Gmail Email Backup program. The software even allows the users to access data using the desktop mail client as data is stored as email file of many applications. The tool comprises of some extremely helpful features that makes it different across the globe. The best thing of the product is its working that acts as a silver platter for the organization. Let’s go through the abridged working of Gmail email Backup tool makes it different from other tools:

Moreover, the software has a both the paid as well as demo version and can be easily downloaded from the MS Outlook Tools website. Although the demo version is great but it has some restrictions imposed with the conversion process.

The main pre-requisites for the program are:

1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

RAM 512 MB (1 GB is recommended)

Supports both newer or earlier editions of MS Outlook

Operable on all Windows Platform

50 GB of free hard disk space required

Let’s take a look at Working of Gmail Backup Tool

Step 1

  • Firstly install and launch the software on your PC. A pop-up Window will be displayed showing multiple options. The interface is simple and understandable. The software is look alike of Gmail Login page. Choose any language as per convince, put the credentials and opt for login.
  • The Gmail email backup can be considered as linguist as it comprises of multiple options for languages like English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch. Select any language of your choice and go to the login section. By default, it takes English language. In case you want that your details should be remembered, users need to provide the username as well as password and then opt for the Remember Credentials options and the software memorizes them.

Step 2

Now you would incline towards the main interface of the program with many option or tabs. Pay heed towards backup option, and in the backup option, you will come across the options section and there you go for further options. The very first alternative that strikes the users is select the category among many data elements like mails, calendars, documents, address books etc. You can easily categorize the folders which are required to be backed up. It helps a lot for the backing up of selective data.





DOCUMENTS — Original Format of Document (Doc, Image, PPT, etc.)

Note: The categories are checked by default. Users have to make the settings accordingly.

Step 3

After the categories are selected, just go to email format in which the users need to download Gmail account emails to PC. You will find a variety of file formats that covers all the mail applications. It covers PST in Outlook, EML, MBOX, and MSG for other platforms like Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc.

Step 4

Select destination where you need to save the mail file. Users can easily navigate for location using Browse Option. You can easily create a distinct folder via Make New Folder Option. Click on OK button.

Step 5

One of major advantage option available is Delete after Download. All the mails can be deleted from the cloud once it is downloaded to PC’s local hard drive. It implies that all the mails are removed from the account and the copy is kept in the disk. It is considered as a function and it frees-up some space from the account making a proper room for the other mails.

Step 6

All the Filter tabs appear adjacent to the options button available. The option button is not enabled until apply filter option is checked. After completing the entire process, a filter option is figured out to cut out the unnecessary downloads.

Step 7

Users will get two filter options.

Tip: You can easily download the folders including the Personal Folders and Chats. It requires some settings for IMAP already done. In this case, you need to Log-in Gmail >> Go to Settings >> Forward and POP/IMAP >> IMAP Access>> Enable IMAP.

Go to label and show the IMAP for all folders.

It even provides you with two options:

  • Select Folders: It works in case of the Mail Folders. In this case, you will come across the email folders available in the Gmail account. After some IMAP settings are done with the account, users can choose Select All option that checks the folders and makes it available for downloading the files. Users can even check the folders by checking the files separately. In short, all folders are checked that are available for downloading.
  • Email Filters: Among all the options, available for filtering the mails at a certain range of days. You ought to provide the details like From and to dates in which the mails need to be downloaded. The mails between the mentioned dates are downloaded and the other mails are filtered out. These functions are extremely helpful in case of the selective download of data. It easily helps to avoid the un-necessary mails and even saves the time.

Step 8

The functionality of setting the internet bandwidth is the most important strategy required. Users can easily manage the throttling settings and makes the software utilize the internet as per requirement. In this case, you need to go to the Preferences tab. Just go to the Internet bandwidth that provides the Bandwidth and Unit.

Step 9

After making all the settings functional, carry on the process by shifting to the backup tab and starting the process. You will get the instant preview of all the files that are working in the backend. The report thus generated, will display you with following details;

  • Current Folders Progress
  • Name of current folder
  • Status of the net connection
  • Destination Path
  • Downloading Rate
  • Item Count

Net Profit That Tool Generates

Though the Gmail Backup tool is arranged in an apple-pie order, but there are few little issues in the product. But the tool is proclaimed as a worth in terms of working. The best part that cannot be denied is its complete backup process. The tool is versatile, robust enough that it gives the users with varieties of mail formats that belong to different forms. In short, the Gmail Email Backup tool can be considered as the main strategy for the Gmail Account users.