Outlook Attachment Extractor — Download Email Attachments From Outlook PST

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client used in a corporate world. It is used to save all data items from the Outlook mailbox on a local machine. As an email client, so it is very clear that all email messages have file attachments along with them. Even when users try to save all attachments locally or if users need to move from Outlook to any other email application then, it extraction becomes necessary. Now, the question arises how one can extract or download email attachments from Outlook in more convenient and efficient way. Hence, in this article, how one can extract email attachments from Microsoft Outlook PST file in more convenient and efficient way.

“ I am using Microsoft Outlook in my Organization and I want to extract attachment from multiple PST files at a time. But due to the certain reason I am unable to extract emails attachments in bulk. Thus, I am searching for the relevant solution that can help me in download email attachments from Outlook data file (.pst). So, please suggest if there is any solution to save attachment from multiple emails in Outlook?”

Overview of Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool

The main purpose of creating this application is to download email attachments from Outlook PST files. Moreover, the software also permits the users to extract file attachments from many PST files in bulk. Also, it is capable to offer various options for maintaining the folder hierarchy in an original form. Even does not require any installation of Microsoft Outlook for attachment extraction. In addition, this utility is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and all below editions.

Technical Specification of Microsoft Outlook Email Attachment Extractor

  • Developer — MS Outlook Tools
  • Size — 3.6 MB
  • Current Version — 2.0
  • Supported Windows OS — Windows 10 & its below versions
  • System Processor — 1 GHz processor
  • Hard Disk Space — 10 MB Free Hard drive space
  • MS Outlook Installation Required — Yes
  • Supported Editions of Outlook — MS Outlook 2010 including 2000/ 2003/ 2007 versions

Essential Features of Microsoft Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool

  • Download Email Attachments From Outlook in Bulk: In order, if the users want to extract attachments from Outlook PST file then, they can easily execute it all together in one go. Even the users must have to add the desired folder having multiple .pst files and extract each attachment from it at a time. The users can save any kind of attachments from Outlook PST file.
  • Facility to Maintain Folder Structure: Outlook Email Attachment Extractor is designed in such a way that provides 3 major options for maintaining the folder hierarchy in a proper way. Moreover, those three options like retains folder hierarchy with same PST file, maintain the subject wise folder structure and folder structure is not maintained.
  • Create Complete Summary Report: Once the process of Outlook attachment extractor is done, after that a complete progress report is also generated. However, this application will display the overall progress details including File Name, Status, Count and the path. Using this, also it will generate a short summary of the entire extraction process.
  • Make a New Folder to Save PST File: With the help of Outlook PST file attachment extractor, it is possible that the users can save a .pst file at any location. Although, extracted attachments can be stored at any particular location as per users choice. However, if users want, then, they can generate a new folder from the software panel and save all PST data in it.
  • Option to Save Extraction Report: After the email extraction finishes, the software allows the user to generate a report in CSV file format, which contains information for all PST attachments. This application also maintains the folder hierarchy while saving email attachments separately. Make sure that the users have to check this particular folder in destination, in case a user is searching for mail attachments that are not showing at a surface.
  • Supports ANSI & UNICODE Types: The Outlook attachment extractor software is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook. It means that this tool supports both ANSI as well as UNICODE format of PST files. However, this tool operates on a single panel. The users are enable to select a single or multiple PST files to perform the extraction process. It can possible for both technical or non-technical users to perform the extract mail attachments from Outlook mail client.


  • Allows to extract email attachments from multiple PST files in bulk
  • No file size limitation while downloading email attachments from Outlook


  • Outlook installation is mandatory for extracting attachments from email folders.
  • Does not extract corrupt or damaged Outlook PST file.

Observational Verdict

The Outlook Email Attachment Extractor is a simple and efficient approach developed for all Outlook users. It is a trouble-free solution that allows to download email attachments from Outlook without any size limitation. In addition, the tool is capable that provides an option to save the resultant PST file to any desired location. However, I would like to rate this application as 9.8/ 10 because it does not extract the corrupt PST files.