PST Combiner — Best Solution to Combine 2 PST File of Outlook 2016, 13, 10, 07

The PST file format is used by the Microsoft Outlook to store all data items of the mailbox. As MS Outlook is the used by most of the organization for the exchange information and communication. However, there are some situations it becomes really difficult for an administrator to manage so many PST file. Moreover, if there are so many PST file on the hard disk then, it takes lots of storage space also. Therefore, to free up some space on the hard disk and manage Outlook mailbox in a more systematic way, it is important to combine 2 PST files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and below versions. It is clear that to free up space on the disk, combine PST files into one but the question is how to combine multiple Outlook PST files. The most popular solutions among users is Outlook PST Combiner. It is the tool that has the ability to combine two Outlook data files in a simple and straightforward way.

Overview of Outlook PST Combiner Tool

The main motive of designing this software is to combine 2 or more PST files in Outlook 2013. With the help of this software, one can easily combine Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 PST files, including all data items like emails, calendars, journals, contacts, notes, and tasks. In addition to this, while merging PST files into one, it removes duplicates. You just need to check the remove duplicates option. Moreover, the software does not impose any PST file size limitation, combine both UNICODE & ANSI file into single UNICODE PST file. The tool is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook.

Quick Peek on PST Technical Descriptions

Developer — MS Outlook Tools

Size — 8.6 MB

Current Version — 3.3

Compatible PST File Type — ANSI & Unicode type PST file

Compatible Microsoft Windows — MS Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all below versions

Role — Combine multiple PST files into one

MS Outlook Installation Required — Yes

MS Outlook Versions — MS Outlook 2016 / 2013 & all below versions

Impressive Features of PST Combiner Software

  • Option to Join Multiple PST Files: Outlook PST file combiner allows users to join multiple PST files into one and creates a unique folder for each PST in the folder. If a user wants to join the PST files, add multiple PST files and click on Join option.
  • Allow to Merge Contacts Folder of PST: Another impressive option to combine multiples PST file is merged contacts folders from two or more PST file to a single PST file. Apart from merging contacts the software also combines all meta properties like company name, name, notes, email address, contact number, etc., associated with Outlook contacts.
  • Option to Combine Multiple PST Files: Using this option, one can easily combine all the similar folders, for example, inbox, drafts, sent items, journals, tasks, etc., from different PST files into a single UNICODE type PST file. In resultant PST file all common folders are created as one and containing respective emails in it.
  • Allows to Delete Duplicate Items: While using merging multiple PST file into one if a user wants can remove duplicates from items from PST files. To use this feature, just check the Remove Duplicates option and the PST Combiner will delete them accordingly.
  • Include/ Exclude Deleted Items: The PST file Combiner is the tool that allows users to include or exclude the deleted items folder. To exclude the deleted items folder, you just need to check the Exclude deleted item option. The tool will remove deleted items folder from the resultant PST file.
  • Save PST File to New Folder: After merging multiple Outlook PST files, one can easily save it on the local workstation at any desired location. In addition, the software also allows users to make new folder to save the combined PST file into that folder.

Variant Versions of PST Combiner Tool

  • Demo Version: The best part about the software is that before purchasing the tool one can easily download the demo version of the tool. This helps users in better understanding the working of the software. One just need to download the demo version from the official website. However, the demo version has some limitations such as combine 15 contacts because it is totally free of cost.
  • Full Version: After satisfying with the working & quality of the PST Combiner software in the demo version, a user can go for the full version of the software. In addition, there is no restriction in the purchased version of the software such as number files to be combined. Therefore, to avail all benefits of the software, one can purchase the full version of the tool and join multiple PST files into one without any hassle.


  • Allows removing duplicates items from the PST files.
  • Three different options to combine 2 Outlook PST files.


  • Does not combine corrupted Outlook PST file into one.
  • A user is not allowed to run the tool on Mac OS X platform.

Observational Verdict

The Outlook PST Combiner software is the most useful utility developed by the organization for the MS Outlook users. It is the all-in-one tool that provides three different options to combine PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and below versions. In addition, provides an option to delete duplicates from PST file. However, it does not combine the corrupted PST files into one, therefore, I would like to rate this software as 9.8 out of 10.

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