Scanpst.exe is Not Responding After Clicking Repair Issue — Fixed

Disclaimer: The entire write-up provides users with information regarding topic Scanpst.exe is not responding after clicking repair button. The article emphasizes on the ways through which the process can be completed and provides users with an effective approach to solve the problem.

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General Trivia: Outlook Scanpst.exe Command

Outlook nowadays is working more than a mailing application and can be easily used as personal information manager that allows users with storage of mails, notes, contacts, and many more in PST Form. All the companies finds it very interesting to make use of it due to its reliable features i.e., data storage, management, many advanced facilities.

Many situations arises where MS Outlook data files PST gets freezes and remains of no use. There are many errors while opening it because of corruption issues. The corruption happens in PST files/folders to hard disk failure, virus/intrusions, connectivity issues, 2GB file size limitations and many more. To resolve the problems, Microsoft provides the users which an inbuilt command line i.e., Scanpst.exe. The command examines damaged PST files. But, there is a problem while repairing the PST files many times an error occur namely Scanpst.exe is not responding after clicking repair.

In the section mentioned below, we will discuss why the Inbox repair tool or Scanpst.exe not working.

Why do the users prefer Scanpst.exe tool?

For issues related to minor corruption, many users suggest the Scanpst.exe built-in command line. The main purpose of this software is to solve issues like sending/receiving, Outlook is crashed or hanged while the folder screening is done, processes like import/export is not completed. The program helps users to analyze the entire Outlook files and fix them accordingly. We can also say that if Outlook is not working properly, Scanpst.exe built-in repair tool can be made in use.

Main Reasons behind Scanpst.exe is Not Responding

There are many workarounds where Scanpst.exe fails completely and makes the users rely less on it. Thus, from this, we can conclude that the success rate of the files completely depends on the amount of damage/corruption in the Outlook PST files. The main reasons beyond the failure of this built-in program are mentioned below:

  1. Recover the Over-sized Outlook PST files: One of the other limitations imposed by the tool is that if the size of PST files exceeds more than 2GB then, it is of no use. Big PST files slow the performance and terminate the current repair process.
  2. Problem in Installation of Inbox repair Tool: If a user is trying to repair the corrupt/damaged Outlook PST files without the inbox repair tool, than there must be some installation issues. Henceforth, there may occur data loss as Scanpst.exe tool is not in correct manner.
  3. Error in case of Repairing PST files: The root cause behind Inbox PST repair utility is failure of low-level corruption. However, if only the problem persists in Outlook PST file and it gets corrupted/damaged in such case only header part can be recovered.
  4. Restore Protected Outlook PST Files: Using the Scanpst.exe in built command line, the user does not restore protected PST files along with password or if the data is deleted. In such circumstances, Inbox repair tool and user requires to find an alternative.

Solution to Resolve Scanpst.exe Not Responding

For solving the problem, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Install the updated application of Microsoft Outlook
  • Check the size of Outlook PST files. If the size exceeds 2GB then, the users can make use of PST Splitter to divide the PST files
  • Open affected PST Files, create a new PST and export the data items to newly created PST file

Third Party Utility

Many times, if the problem still exists, the users can make use of Outlook Recovery tool. The tool is best solution to resolve problems related to corruption of PST files, if the in-built command line fails. Additionally, the tool has many features that make it different among all products across the globe. We have mentioned few of them like supports hard deleted Outlook Email Recovery, migrates the files to O365. There is no size limitations imposed by the tool and is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems. It even restores password protected corrupt PST files to mention a few.

Summation Time

We all are aware of the fact that Scanpst.exe is a free in built command line that Outlook offers. Its main purpose is to recover PST data files. There are many reasons where the Scanpst.exe is not responding after clicking repair. In addition to it, if the problem is not completely solved, the users can make use of Outlook PST Recovery Tool. It is complete solution to solve the problem and users can fully rely on it in terms of recovery process.