Know About TSX Venture Exchange

The TSX Venture Exchange is known as a Canada based junior listing market where many small and micro-cap firms are listed. Here, the start-up firms get an opportunity for raising equity capital and it is an establishment of the TMX group. The group is referred as a conglomerate financial services firm that basically deals in trading as well as clearing. The group also acts either as a holding company or a parent company for TSX i.e. the Toronto Stock Exchange. TSX is responsible for selecting the Shorcan Brokers Inc and the Equicom Group Incamong other companies and subsidiaries where TMX Group seems interested. Among all of them, the Toronto Stock Exchange is regarded the most notable one that has been established during 1861 and is also referred as the foremost exchange in entire Canada. Moreover, it is also known as a worldwide leader in the energy and mining sectors.

The TMX group has itself traded on the TSX until September 2012.However, the TSX was acquired by the TMX Group Limited on Sep 14, 2012 and the shares of the company were taken off the market. The group was previously known as the “Maple Group Acquisition Corporation”. Today, the shares of the TMX Group Limited can be traded under the Toronto stock Exchange taking the symbol “X”. The group has been extremely successful as a company and earned significant revenues in the second quarter of year 2012 and so on.

As said, the TSX Venture Exchange is evolved through TMX group. This arrangement benefits the exchange when viewed it favorably in the market arena, on the basis of the parent company’s sterling reputation. Therefore, many qualifying companies were interested to apply for a listing in that marketplace. Other stock exchanges like OTC Markets Group Inc., referred to as the “Pink Sheet Stocks” attained poor reputations of misinforming and defrauding their clients.

In comparison to other listings, the TSX Venture Exchange offers high level of transparency to their investors. Alberta Securities Commission and other provincial securities regulators regulate theTSX Venture Exchange, like Toronto Stock Exchange. Companies listed on the exchange should report their statements of the quarterly financial term and interim MD&A, an annual report, annual financial statements and MD&A.Moreover, the TSX Venture is absolutely regulated as well as a comprehensive information source for the investors that are looking to trade penny stocks. The high standards of the exchange maintain whoever should enter into the market and who should not.

Though it is quite appealing to deal with the TSX Venture offering, it is still very difficult for the investors to invest in the penny stocks. Moreover, dealing in the TSX Venture Exchange will be a better penny stock exchange in comparison to other exchanges. Still, having previous knowledge of the industries is a must to invest in. One just don’t need to trust over the issuing company for taking sound investment decisions. They should take their own judgment as per their own knowledge and experience to become successful in this field.

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