Your antipathy for the Warriors is distorting your analysis. A few points:
Jake Widman

  1. Steph was healthy enough to play. He roasted my Trail Blazers in Game 4 of the WCSF. I don’t buy his excuse. Even if he were seriously injured, an injured Curry who is still healthy enough to play and score 40 in Game 4 of the Finals is a vastly better player than Matthew Dellevadova. Bogut’s injury was not as devastating as the injuries to Love and Irving — he was not a part of the Warriors’ best 5-man group (that was Steph/Klay/Iguodala/Barnes/Green).
  2. Green swung right for LeBron’s crotch. Regardless of whether or not he hit, he made the swing. He did so after kicking Steven Adams in the crotch TWICE in the previous series. He was appropriately disciplined.
  3. Andrew Bogut went first overall in 2005. He was All-NBA Third Team in 2010. Other than him, the Warriors sported 4 players who had made an All-Star Team — Iguodala, Curry, Thompson, and Green. They also featured multiple former lottery picks (add Livingston, Barnes). They featured a former 6th man of the year. That, by their history, is not a team that is “underdogs.” Gordon is the only other former lottery pick. Ariza, Williams, and Beverley were 2nd rounders. Capela and Anderson went in the 20s. Anderson and Gordon have been mocked their whole careers for being made of glass. Titus’ point stands.

To misquote you, your sympathy for the Warriors is distorting your analysis.