Sketch: Plugin developer reading list

There is no course in writing Sketch plugins. For the designer with an ambition to write their own it can seem like a steep learning curve.

Here’s a list of resources I have found useful on my journey to create Sketch plugins.

It may be handy to add this page to your bookmarks for future reference – I will add to it on an on-going basis.

– Peter Berrecloth

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Sketch Plugins

This tutorial series comes highly recommended as a foundation to Sketch Plugin development.

– By Mike Mariano, UI/UX Designer at Disney Interactive

Hello World Plugin

This is an extremely simple plugin example, which illustrates how to add a menu command to the Plugins menu and execute some code when it is selected. It will display a new text layer on the artboard with the words “Hello World!”.

Read article — By Bohemian Coding

User Input & Feedback

Making awesome stuff behind the curtains is cool, but sometimes you’ll want to communicate to your users the results of your complex operations. This article shows you how to display alerts, dialog boxes, notifications, and ways of capturing user input from them.

Read article — By Bohemian Coding

Sketch Plugin Snippets for Plugin Developers

The goal of this post is to maintain a perpetually growing list of code snippets and provide some context around them. This post also fills in the gaps that are missing on Bohemian Coding’s official API documentation.

Read Article — By Aby Nimbalkar

Sketch API References

Useful code


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