5 Simple Stair Climber Workouts You Must Do Daily

Stair Climbing is a very effective exercise perfect for all ages of people. It is especially ideal for busy people who do not get much time for exercising for long sessions in the gym. But simple stair climbing might not give you as much results as you can achieve doing some of the common variations of stair climber workouts.

Following are 5 effective stair climber workouts that you can do to build your muscles and have your desired fitness spending between 30–40 minutes daily:

Exercise One: Stair Climbing Sprints

This one is real test for your energy and stamina. Simply climb up as many steps as you can in 30 seconds and walk back down to the stairs. Repeat the process for 4/5 more times and try to get higher every time. So, it should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete 5 rounds and you can move on to the next workout.

Exercise Two: Safely Walk Backwards

Walking backwards down the stairs is a good idea to put pressure on different muscles. But it is very important that you don’t rush as it can cause accident. It should be easier and effective if you always hold the railing while walking backwards. You can pick up your speed when you get accustomed to it and feel comfortable.

Exercise Three: Go Heavy

This is a workout that you should try when simple stair climbing becomes so easy for you. So, when climbing up, strap on a weighted vest or backpack or carry or grab a pair of dumbbells to crank up the intensity of your climbing. There are many different variations of using dumbbells while climbing stairs. You can carry a pair of dumbbells as comfortable for you and do a set of strength training exercise on each landing. Some effective and ideal dumbbell exercises while climbing stairs include lunges, sumo squats, thrusters, dumbbell curl to press and kettlebell swings.

Exercise Four: The Ladder

This is a popular stair climbing exercise as the person climbing the stair can enjoy the rhythm. The idea of this exercise is simple. You run up to the first landing and simply back down and run up to the second landing without pausing and then back down. This way, you keep the process going until you reach the top of the stairs. After the first round, walk back to the ground level, take a breather and go for the process. 3–5 rounds recommended daily.

Exercise Five: Use Your Body

The main goal of this stair climbing exercise is increasing the intensity and putting pressure on various parts of your body. So, while climbing up, do a set of sit-ups, burpees, squats and push-ups on each landing. For even more effectiveness, you can do the same on your decent as well.

These are some very effective yet highly challenging stair climbing workouts that can help you shape your body in real quick time. So, start doing these exercises today and get fitter and stronger!