Chicago Bears 2017 Draft

One could think that after a football team gets destroyed by another football team for the better part of the last 25 years, that the team getting destroyed may look at why they are failing and why the other team is succeeding. One could think that, right?….. Nope! 2017 just turned out to be another year of Chicago Bears incompetence and the Green Bay Packers doing what they do best… winning the NFL Draft.

Five days ago, I was sitting at a bar in Rome, Italy along with 10 of my friends who are also studying abroad this semester. My friend, Patrick, got a phone call from his brother. After 10 seconds of listening to his brother, Patrick stood up in shock and said to me, “Peter you are not going to believe this…… The Bears just gave up two 3rd round picks and a 4th round pick to move up one spot and they drafted Mitch Trubisky.” After hearing it, I immediately turned my attention away from the girl who I was unsuccessfully hitting on for the last 25 minutes, looked up and paused for about 10 seconds. Then I just screamed at the top of my lungs, “F*CK! F*CK!” The entire bar turns around and stares at me. I look over and see a 250 pound Italian bouncer with the worst look on his face. We make eye contact, and he yells at me, “You got to go!” What followed was me walking 1.5 miles to my airbnb in the pouring rain with a 20-minute stop of sitting on a bench. Just thinking about how much I hate life as a Bears fan.

The reason there was so much anger had nothing to do with Mitch Trubisky. Sure, there are reasons to be worried and concerned about the 22 year old draft prospect out of the University of North Carolina. A Bears fan can be concerned about the fact Trubisky has only played 13 collegiate football games in his career. That his UNC team took a step back the year he became the starter compared to the year before. Or that it took him until his senior year to finally get the starting job. However, this goes way beyond that. This trade demonstrates why the Bears are one of the most incompetent teams in the NFL. This trade demonstrates why the Packers have destroyed the Bears for so so many years.

Someone can say that the reason why the Packers have had so much success over the Bears all these years is because the Packers have had Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers while the Bears have had Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Brian Griese, Rex Grossman, etc. However, those people are so mistaken. The reason why the Packers have killed the Bears is because they know how the draft works and the Bears do not. The construction of the Packers roster is 100% through the draft. They value the quantity of draft picks. They value it so much that they never sign other teams’ players in free agency, resulting in them receiving 15 compensation picks in 8 years. Meanwhile the Bears like to play fantasy football in free agency resulting in going nine years without collecting a single compensation pick.

Since 2010, the Bears have gone six drafts having less than seven picks. SIX! This team trades draft picks away like they are skittles. Phil Emery and Ryan Pace both stated at their introductory press conferences that the Bears were going to be “Draft-driven teams”. However, that has not happened. Outside of the Patriots (barely), no team in the NFL has won on a consistent basis being active in free agency. (The Patriots do not really count because they have a great history of collecting compensation picks. Some years they do, some years they do not. These past two years have been their most active by far) It’s either one collects compensation picks or one tries to buy success by taking other teams players. Smart and consistent teams like the Steelers, Seahawks, Ravens, and Packers stay out of free agency for the most part. While dysfunctional franchises like the Bears, Jets, Redskins, Eagles, Dolphins, and Jaguars rarely collect compensation picks then blame their failures on not having a quarterback. Those teams do not have good quarterbacks because they fail consistently at putting good drafts together.

Another thing, people not to stop saying, “If we just had a good quarterback, we would be great! All we need is a great quarterback.” NFL teams do not just “get a good quarterback.” No human being on this earth can succeed at the quarterback position if there team is doing a bad job at drafting players around them and not putting them in a position to succeed. Good quarterbacks are the result of competent general managers, putting good drafts together and surrounding that player with excellent coaching and talent through the draft.

And what’s a great way to put a successful draft class together? By having a lot of draft picks, giving a team more chances to hit on players. And how do you get more draft picks? By collecting compensation picks or trading down. Not giving a way two 3rd round picks and a 4th round pick to move up one spot!

The 2017 NFL draft is just another reason why the Green Bay Packers have been consistently better than the Chicago Bears. The Bears finished the 2017 draft with five picks. The Packers finished with 10. The Bears have not had a compensation pick since 2009. The Packers have had 15 since. Until that stops happening, the Bears will never be consistently better than the Packers.