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I was living in Beijing when the Global Financial Crisis began to kick in. Up to that point, my entire career and my entire adult life were spent overseas, always in emerging markets. As a founder, the crisis hit me at the worst possible time — we had just filed for an IPO on NASDAQ. If you’re looking for an uncomfortable read, you can read about that here.

I survived that difficult period, but as the dust settled I began to see the world through a different lens. Looking at the U.S. from far away, I saw the world’s largest…

A pattern I’ve seen around SaaS startups which are able to scale most efficiently are the ones where a founder is laser-focused (ie. actively pounding the pavement) on BD/Sales — at least until product-market fit — but best-case, until you simply cannot handle the volume. You’ve learned which verticals to target, how best to pitch to customers, how to sell, how to price, what to charge for on-boarding, who the decision makers are — and ultimately, you’ve learned what skill sets are required when you make your first dedicated BD hire. Your new VP of Sales may be able to…

Many years ago I read a book called “All I Really Need To Know I Learned From Watching Star Trek.” I was attracted to it not only because I’m a fan but also because I do agree that coincidentally, so many of life’s great lessons are encapsulated in that great TV franchise. Well, to be specific: The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Voyager — not Deep Space Nine and that horrible excuse for a reboot called Enterprise. Jury’s still out on Discovery. [Update Oct. 9, 2017: Discovery is very good] — But I digress.

The book cites many examples…


I have some thoughtful friends who promptly send calendar invites after we arrange to get together, almost without fail. I love that. And to those particular friends, a heartfelt thank you. Calendar invites are a time-saving gift.

I say “gift” for a reason. I appreciate them very much, but I don’t expect them — and I’ll still show up if you don’t send them.

In business, I’ve noticed a growing trend of people asking for calendar invites when meetings are set over email. I get it. We’re all busy and looking for every way to save time. …

We recently bought a new car, loaded with all of the latest safety features. It’s not a Tesla and doesn’t drive itself — but when the safety features activate, the car pretty much takes over, braking quickly or even steering the car back into its lane in the event that the driver dozes off and swerves. Exciting stuff, and not hard to imagine a future when we can just sit back and let our cars drive us from Point A to Point B.

Not long ago I ran across this Ted Talk by Iyad Rahwan, a computational scientist at MIT…

Today would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday. He passed away last October and while missing him, I often remind myself of all the lessons I’ve learned as his son. There were many great eulogies delivered at his memorial, with stories of how he inspired family and friends alike. This was mine:

Dad always told us: “You can be whatever you want to be. Just be the best at it.”

In retrospect, I’m pretty sure I chose an impossible path — I wanted to be just like him.

I’m proud of the immensely interesting life my father led. …

How online platforms are responding to the next generation of travelers.

Credits: Jose Villa, Creative Commons

What do a suite in a luxury hotel in Morocco, a teepee in a campground in Joshua Tree, and a barn in New York’s Hudson Valley all have in common? All are destinations along the ever-expanding migration trails of the discerning millennial traveler. And, when it comes to tracking how this next generation is choosing to explore the world around them, a common thread emerges throughout these very different itineraries. …

If you look closely, the headline reads: “Pence used personal email in office”

On Facebook today, my friend asked how I felt about new revelations that Vice President Mike Pence had used a private email account while he was Governor of Indiana, and also about Trump’s continuing war on the media. I thought I’d share my long response, below:

Pence’s email situation is very different from Clinton’s. Indiana law says it’s legal to operate private email as a state government official, plus, there are fewer state secrets in and around that office. But while intelligence suggests there’s no evidence that Clinton’s emails were hacked, Pence’s were hacked. Like many Democrats, I’m disappointed that…

In the business world, it can feel risky to talk politics. And given the hyper-polarized atmosphere we’re in, I know many executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who have deep concerns and strong opinions which they want to share but feel they cannot.

Many would like to be “involved” but don’t know how, and they’re busy. Social media helps, as it’s a way to get opinions out there and to be “heard,” in the relatively safe environment of one’s own social network.

The Women’s Marches on January 21st saw millions taking to the streets, and since then we’ve seen protests in airports…

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