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Mr. Perry has a college degree in “Animal Science”, but has no experience or training in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, or the sciences of geology and oceanography where some of the atmospheric data is derived from geologic records and ice cores. Therefore Mr. Perry is unqualified to render any judgement on Climate Science and whether mankind is the primary driver of Global Warming or not. He is merely a politician at this point, a member of a political party that denies mankind’s contribution to Global Warming and receives hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry, which is responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions that cause Global Warming. Of course, Mr. Perry will deny mankind’s involvement in Global Warming. He, along with the entire Republican party have sold their souls to the fossil fuel industry which has contributed an average of more than one million dollars to every Republican Senator’s campaign and an average of more than three-hundred-thousand dollars to every Republican Representative’s campaign. Truth does not matter to these Republicans. They only wish to please their benefactors. Global Warming and mankind’s contribution to it are a proven fact. Every country on this earth acknowledges that. Even the majority of Americans accept that as fact. It is only the leaders of the Republican party that refuse to listen to thousands of scientists from all over the world that tell us it is true. And, it is a blatant lie, put forth by these same Republicans and the fossil fuel industry that a “great number” of scientists disagree with the statement that mankind is the primary contributor to Global Warming. The GOP has lied to us about many things, but this is their biggest lie and it could kill all of humanity on this planet, but they don’t care. They would rather live their cushy life in Washington and be “important” and in a position of authority where they can ignore the law and truth. I used to be a Republican, but I am also a scientist. I cannot support the GOP anymore. They are lying, pure and simple and Rick Perry is one of the worst of them.

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