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Our government has been taken over by the political whores of the Republican Party who have been bought, lock, stock and barrel by the fossil-fuel industry and now they are turning “newsletters” from government agencies into propaganda sheets for the policies and beliefs of those same fossil fuel companies. Even though it is a FACT that 97% of climate scientists believe that man’s use of fossil fuels is the driving force behind global warming, these paid whores say that the majority of scientists say that is not so. They lie to keep the money flowing into their campaign treasuries and call the legitimate accounts of those 97% of the worlds scientists “fake news”. This what happens when you have a political party that has no morals and values money over honesty. The rest of the world, every country except two, the United States and Venezuela, accept the findings of real scientists and have joined together in the Paris Accord to combat the problem. The United States, under an educated president who valued the safety of humanity over money in his pocket, help put together the Paris Accord, but these politicians who will sell their soul and the future of their grandchildren for money, have sold the future of this country, and the world, to their big benefactors. That is why they are political whores. I cannot say that enough, that they are political whores. They should be locked up for what they are doing to the future of humanity. Maybe the World Court could try them in their court for “crimes against humanity”.