I’ve a question for you…. Can you get the same quality from a smaller size? How can you compress your videos without using any tool or having to pay for a software?

As I stared out of my study window at the bright sunny day here in Barcelona, I was thinking, what golden nugget can I share with you that could make a big difference to your morning?

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And I remembered a clever, well I think it is anyway, way to reduce the file size of videos or simply compress your videos without losing the quality, as I suggested in the subject title. …

Here’s a short list of tips on how to keep your new business on track….

To get your startup going — you have to START! Obvious right, well yes, but lack of action will keep you where you are now, best case, or worse — you’ll slide backwards. You’re enthusiastic about your idea get moving on it.

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Check whether you need a licence, insurance or qualification to be able to start your business. You should already be aware of this as part of your due diligence.

2. Fail forward. Get going with your new business, make mistakes as you go.

Now that you have an idea of a product to sell, there’s another burning question in your mind: “How much starting capital do I need?” You then walk to the bank with this question bugging you constantly.

Well, you’ll be surprised. In a good way of course.

You don’t need millions of pounds to begin with.

Starting a UK small business today is quite easy. Thanks to the Internet, there are much fewer barriers to entry. You may already have everything you need right at home. That’s especially true if you intend to sell digital products and services.

Here are a few things you need.

1. Internet connection: £20/month

Typical internet plans in the UK are £20 monthly. With speeds of 17Mbps on average, this is often enough for many small businesses. You may even have internet service at home already. …

Hello again, hope all is well with you and yours, how’s your week been — as productive as you’d like?

If, like me, in the early days of building my home based business I found it wasn’t always productive. I would often find myself at the end of the week not feeling my own business had moved on at all.

I’d see the results from my day job and my employer was satisfied with the output, but whilst I had a high output at my paid job, my own personal goals and home business goals were lacking.

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I sat down and took a long hard look at what it was that was causing this lack of progress, lack of velocity as I like to term it. I realised — it wasn’t any one thing. I realised I was focussed on the wrong tasks, those tasks that you could think of as low productivity tasks…. …

Note: The Two Trap Greyhound System is a product of MyBizTips.

There are lots of greyhound races to choose from. There’s always more than one racetrack, and more than one race per track. So it’s somehow tempting to just bet on as many as you can.

But is multiple betting a good idea?

Let’s say you bet on Hove, Doncaster, Henlow, Peterborough, and Poole all at the same time. That’s five different tracks. Remember that each track has its own set of conditions, biases, and such.

Question now is this.

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Do you know all of these variables for each racetrack?

Likely you don’t. And that would be a big waste. You’d end up spreading yourself too thin, putting your eggs in too many baskets, in a way. While it’s good to put your eggs in more than one basket, the extreme is harmful. …

How do you view success? Do you imagine making a windfall profit? In other words, making millions of pounds in just a few days? It sounds so appealing, but also too good to be true. The truth is, most success happens through the law of compounding.

What is the Law of Compounding?

In other words, small wins stacked on top of each other contribute to your overall success. Because if you look at it, almost no good business owner got big through just one stroke of luck. Their journey to success was long, and often comprised lots of little victories as they went along. As those humble triumphs accumulated over time, these entrepreneurs became successful. …

Motivation is a good thing. It drives you to take action, and it keeps you going. But motivation doesn’t always compel you to follow through something to the very end. Even if it’s something important. Instead, what you need more than motivation is discipline.

You won’t always feel like doing something.

Ever heard of “bed weather”? It’s those days when you just want to stay in bed all day long. Or how about good old-fashioned laziness? That feeling of not wanting to do anything for the entire day? I’m sure we all have those days.

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But your to-do list will not wait for you. The tasks you need to finish up will not adjust to how you feel. They’ll still be around whether you like it or not. …

Last Monday, I asked you what the purpose of your business is. Profit is a clear goal, but it isn’t everything in the business world. People matter as well, and they actually matter more.

These people are those who work for you and those whom you serve.

In other words, they are your employees/team members and your clients, respectively. They matter, because without them, your business cannot exist. Without your team, the business cannot run. And without your clients, there will be no one to buy your products and services. In turn, your business will not earn.

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If you value neither your employees nor your clients, only one thing is certain. …

Bitcoin is a hot topic these days. The cryptocurrency that previously held almost no value whatsoever is now the most valuable digital commodity on Earth. With 1 bitcoin priced at nearly £13,000, it’s quite understandable why people want to invest in it. And as we speak, bitcoin value just keeps rising.

But Bitcoin is also very volatile.

What this means is you never know if the price is going up or down. It’s impossible to tell with certainty what would happen to bitcoin’s value in the next few minutes, hours, or days.

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Yes, you do have the potential to make a windfall profit, or in simple words a lot of money in a short time. But then again, you equally have the potential to lose all you invested. The Bitcoin bubble is due to burst any time soon, and if that happens, every Bitcoin investor will go home with a huge frown. …

So you want to make some passive income? Great idea. Who doesn’t love the idea of money working for them, even while they sleep? That’s exactly what passive income is all about.

Trading is a good way of doing so. When the value of something rises, you can cash in. Now, there are so many options out there, from equities (stocks), bonds, and most recently, cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage these days.

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And for good reason, because they rise in value so quickly. Literally in the blink of an eye, the value of any one cryptocurrency can increase.

Thing is, cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Which means that as fast as they go up in value, they can also go down as fast. It’s very risky and purely speculative. You aren’t sure what the future holds for cryptocurrencies. …


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