Choosing a product to sell without knowing the demands of the market is the wrong way to start an online business in the UK. Before anything else, you need to define your niche market.

What do we mean by niche market? According to Wikipedia, a niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. To make things clear, I’m giving you an example. Let’s say you want to be part of the food business. Of course, the competition in the food industry is pretty tough. I’m sure you’re aware that there are lots of major players, which contribute to the saturation of the market. Since you’re still a rookie in online business in the UK, you don’t have the capacity, much more the resources, to compete with these multi-billion dollar companies.

To make it easier for you to join and make a name in the food industry, you need to find your niche market. Perhaps, you’d like to focus on gluten-free food products for people with celiac disease. Maybe, you can specialize in food products appropriate for people, who are lactose-intolerant.

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By finding your niche, you can create your own identity and survive the cut-throat competition in the food industry.

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Further, by targeting a specific market, you’re assured that there are people, who will patronize your products.

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Now that the meaning of niche market has been settled, let’s move on to another important topic. How can you find hot trending niches for online businesses? In starting an online business in the UK, you can search the web to gather information for the most in-demand products. Here is the list of some of the things, which you can use to determine your niche.

1. eBay

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EBay is a brilliant platform to spot your niche. Since eBay has more than 162 million active users, it can give you a fair evaluation of the demands of the market. It can provide you with the information about the products that immediately sell out.

By clicking the tab “Hot Items by Category”, you can differentiate which categories and products sell like pancakes.

2. Amazon


Like eBay, Amazon is an online retailer, which carries a wide array of products from A to Z. Because it has over 244 million active users, it can pretty much guide you on what product are popular and easy to sell. When you click the “Best Sellers” tab on the site, you’ll get an idea about what products the consumers are regularly purchasing.

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that lets the users see how frequently certain keywords are searched over a period of time. Further, it has a Search feature, which enlists the trending searches for the day. When a product is included in the list of trending searches, it shows that many people want to buy it.


4. Clickbank

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Lastly, we have Clickbank, which can also help you in starting an online business. Once you click the Marketplace tab, you will be directed to the different categories under Clickbank. You will know that a certain category is hot if it displays so many products.

There are so many hot trending niches for online businesses. Find yours now! Don’t forget to apply for our newsletter for FREE small business tips and online business ideas or log on to

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