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Why we are starting Gateway Labs.

our story:
Over the past 5 years me & my co-founders built Swelly — a social network that operates within popular messaging apps such as Messenger and reached 10 million users.

We started in the way we believed is the right motivation to found a startup. I’ve been working in the fashion industry for a decade and realized that people are very indecisive when it comes to what to wear and what to buy. Not only that: To make purchase decisions we tend towards relying on our partner or our friends.

That problem has been bugging me for quite some time before we started interviewing our customers in our retail stores and figured there must be a simple solution for that problem.

We created an App that later became an integration with Facebook Messenger (some call it a Chatbot) to help people make better (purchase) decisions.
Here’s some insight from our early success with…

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Photo: Swell

Swelly 5.0 is ready to roll out. Before going public we decided to give it a few more days of testing and feedback loops with our selected group of testers. Thanks everyone for your help so far, you know who you are. We wanted to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the company behind ‘Swelly’ and what we are up to.

Swell builds social communities to create brand awareness and loyalty.

We make it easy for consumers to express their opinions & for brands to listen, learn and act upon their learnings.

Our apps give users a voice and reward them for being active members of the communities they choose. …

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Next week, a new chapter in the history of Swelly begins. We are entering the world of Blockchain.

Social Networks & content sharing platforms have become a commodity.

Unless you’re a brand or a business owner, you’ve probably never spent money using Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Tik Tok etc.

‘Free to use’ became the standard for most online services and yet we all pay a big price for that. Not only are we constantly exposed to ads — often times for products we can’t relate to and couldn’t care less about — we are also treated like a product that can be sold to the highest bidder. No matter if it’s a harmless consumer product that tries to understand us to an extent that allows them to manipulate us to buy what they want us to, or a political party that manages to impact an election and leaves us surprised and shocked with the results. …

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Pete 3.1. outdoor version

It’s been a year since Pete Version 3 was launched in a very exclusive private alpha version on November 1st in Durban, South Africa.

After an intense 365 days of testing, bug fixing and a slow rollout to the masses we are proudly presenting Pete 3.1.

While you may think 3.1 is a minor update, we can assure you that it’s a huge step forward from a very buggy V 3.

Here’s what’s new:

  • we removed the unstable multitasking feature and added more processing power to swift social media activity towards reading books and writing.
  • due to the popular audio application we added Sing Beta. …

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5 minutes with Alex Zhu, founder of and he’s already talking about his favorite topic: Community.

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Alex & Pete Swelly

The heart and soul of every growing social media platform. He compares a functioning online community to the economy of China and’s Stars — it’s ‘Musers’ — to China’s Billionaires.

In order to skyrocket their online community the core has always been community.

And the communities building blocks are its creators, the people who provide the content we all love. Photos, Videos, interesting updates, the latest news and so on.

Some of those creators will rise to fame and glory and make a decent living being a social media influencer. …

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© creativecommonsstockphotos | Stock Free Images — compensation?

A journey that started on October 6th 2010 when Instagram first launched it’s iOS App to the public is at it’s peak.

A peak that not only reaches a thrilling 1 billion people every single month, but also is accountable for Billions of Dollars in Facebook’s Ad Revenue.

And from a financial point of view that’s just the start “The app could contribute $20 billion to Facebook’s revenue by 2020, or roughly a quarter of Facebook’s revenue, Wells Fargo analyst Ken Sena said.” (Bloomberg)

Now how much of that revenue did Instagram ever direct to you: creators, consumers and active members of its community? …

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We live in a world where it’s no longer about the brand who screams the loudest. The core of a company’s success is the customer. And how many brands still didn’t get that is surprising to me, to say the least.

Now, how is McDonalds different? I could start with their pricing, their speed, the way they innovate order systems that let you order on a self-service machine without having to wait in line, or their latest introduction of the McVegan.

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McVegan — Photo by

But that’s not today’s topic. …

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Playstation or Xbox? Share your opinion & get rewarded

When we founded Swelly (dvel Inc.) in November 2015, we wanted to create a platform for people to express their opinion. Unbiased, open, honest!

Fast forward 3 years, our community has shared hundreds of millions of opinions with both each other and brands they love.

Now it’s time for us to give something back.

Together with the crypto currency KIN, we are working on a Multi-Platform Product that generates what we call Micro Jobs.

A Micro Job is something you can do at home, something that takes you minutes, maybe just seconds. A Micro Job is something you take on even before your first “real” job, while you’re still at college or even at school.

We want to give Generation Z a platform to earn all those little things that they want but can’t afford. Or depend on their parents for. Think Netflix Subscription, Spotify Premium Account, movie and concert tickets, a Friday-night-outfit that’s just too expensive for a student budget.

At Swelly, brands can ask research questions to understand you- their next big audience- better. And we think it’s just fair that the brands give something back. …

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A selected few highlights of the last 3 months

First of all, this is not a post about bragging. It’s about appreciation. I’m extremely greatful for my swell life, my team, our partners and our community of 4 Million+ people around the world using 🐳Swelly

Early January I wrote a blog post setting my goals for 2017.

One of them was meeting 3 people that inspire me a lot:

David Marcus

Arnold Schwarzenegger

& Gary Vaynerchuk.

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I met David in April, Gary knows about us since last month and Arnie is only a Schnitzel away!

Here’s a selection of great things that happened to me the last 3 months:

🙌 Our chatbot Swelly reached 4M Users across platforms (Messenger, Viber, Line, kik…

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🐳Swelly for Y Combinator S17 — Our 6th try 🙌

Dear reader, I hope this inspires you to keep trying to get what you want.

Also If you think of starting a project in the bots or A.I. space, stop thinking and start doing. The time is now 🚀


Company name: dvel Inc.

Company url, if any:

Online demo:

Describe your company in 50 characters or less:

Swell connects vote-minded people

What is your company going to make?

Swell is a Social Network on top of Messaging platforms. It’s bots connect people who share similar opinions across all platforms. You can ask any A/B question and ask the community for their opinion, based on people’s choices we match vote-minded people. …


Peter Buchroithner

Co-Founder of

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