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5 minutes with Alex Zhu, founder of and he’s already talking about his favorite topic: Community.

Alex & Pete Swelly

The heart and soul of every growing social media platform. He compares a functioning online community to the economy of China and’s Stars — it’s ‘Musers’ — to China’s Billionaires.

In order to skyrocket their online community the core has always been community.

And the communities building blocks are its creators, the people who provide the content we all love. Photos, Videos, interesting updates, the latest news and so on.

Some of those creators will rise to fame and glory and make a decent living being a social media influencer.

Like those 2:

Musers Lisa and Lena are twins from Stuttgart, Germany who have nearly 19 million followers on

Musers Lisa and Lena are twins from Stuttgart, Germany who have nearly 19 million followers on

Ok, now back to you.

Even though we strongly agree with those principles, for us that’s not enough.

Swelly 5.0 will reward every single creator for being an active part of the community.

Therefor we are looking for the first 1000 creators to join our new Swelly App this coming November powered by the crypto currency KIN.

At Swelly we spent the last months planning, designing and building a new approach of Social Networking.

Last week I shared our thoughts on the power of a photo sharing platform and how we think an online community could work better and more fair.

3 years in and almost 10 Million people interacting with our products we are now willing to take a big step back and re-think and re-build with a newly designed Swelly App and you can be part of it.

Some of our favorite creators already shared hundreds of Swells with our world wide community.

As a first step towards a re-design of Swelly, we want to empower those creators and help them get rewarded for their contribution to our community.

Become one of them.

Step 1 we will launch on November 15th and will allow you to tip KIN to your favorite creators.

That’s when you come in.

We are rolling out our latest App including KIN “EARN” and “SPEND” features to 1000 creators who want to help redefining Social Media.

Now what does it mean to be part of those first 1000?

  • Early Access: you’ll have early access to our latest Apps, Bots & Services
  • Get Featured and personal support: we personally take care of your success within the community. Do you want to become an Influencer? Earn loads of KIN? Or simply have an alternative to Instagram? Tell us and talk to us, we’ll help you wherever we can.
  • be part of a movement, at the forefront of new technologies and help define new features we build.
  • and most importantly: We’ll have FUN together.

e-mail us to join: