Poncho the Weathercat doesn’t care if you don’t “get” his new iOS app
Sam Mandel

Hi Sam, great post, you totally nailed it. Especially pointing out the uncertainty of Messengers success to become the “WeChat of the West” VS the fact that Messaging/Communication is the dominant medium Gen Z & Millennials are using today and the trend is clearly more into conversation than posting things public. 
I’m especially curious what you think about monetizing early vs growing a big audience, looks like there’s a similarity between Poncho & Swelly when it comes to focus. Right now it’s clearly growth, but obviously helping brands or more concrete CMO’s make better decisions is in line with our vision and helps with growth as well. I guess that’s the same with Poncho, brining Brands closer to their users in a fun & entertaining way might not even be perceived as adverting when done right.
I’m curious what’s your take on that.
Have a 🐳Swell day, Pete

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