Pete 3.1 — Release Notes

Pete 3.1. outdoor version

It’s been a year since Pete Version 3 was launched in a very exclusive private alpha version on November 1st in Durban, South Africa.

After an intense 365 days of testing, bug fixing and a slow rollout to the masses we are proudly presenting Pete 3.1.

While you may think 3.1 is a minor update, we can assure you that it’s a huge step forward from a very buggy V 3.

Here’s what’s new:

  • we removed the unstable multitasking feature and added more processing power to swift social media activity towards reading books and writing.
  • due to the popular audio application we added Sing Beta.
  • a permanently installed intermittent fasting application makes this version more stable, keeps it light weight and less fragile.
  • we added a detailed database of crypto and payment to the existing chatbot and messaging libraries to assure its further development into the space of crypto and blockchain.
  • 3.1 comes with an additional sleeve making it more stable during European winter.

Please note that this version is still full of bugs and only runs effectively on bulletproof coffee and an hourly intake of vitamins and nuts.

Feature Requests / Bug Report

  • please submit feature requests and bug reports to

Thanks Amir Shevat™️ for the inspiration 😎