2nd letter to Mr Julian Smith MP

Dear Mr Smith,

Thank for your reply of 13th July. I was disappointed in your response as I did not feel that it addressed the core issues that are worrying me and thousands of other concerned Skipton & Ripon constituents. There are serious issues at stake, not least the honour and reputation of our parliament.

As a sitting MP you will be well aware that you are duty bound to act in the best interests of the UK and your constituents. In your response to my email you confirm that you believe the UK will be stronger and safer if it remains in the EU.

Apparently now, based upon the referendum vote you are now supporting the UK leaving the EU which would make it weaker and less safe.

How can this be so when you are well aware that leaving would not be in the UK’s best interest?

The referendum could have been mandatory and I would then understand that there was no choice in the matter, however the referendum on 23rd June was set up as advisory, It cannot now be retrospectively treated as mandatory. Parliament will need to take the advice provided by the referendum and act as it sees fit i.e. in the best interests of the UK.

As my representative I ask that you please represent my interests in a way consistent with the views you have already expressed and continue to support the Remain cause in Parliament.

Yours respectfully,

Peter Cxxxxxxxx

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