Advisory Referendum collection


Materials and links to help sort through the issues supplied to help inform only

Brexit plans:

A simple plan for managing a fair and safe Brexit

A more detailed step through this process from Jeremy Smith has produced a very good 9-point approach to satisfy democracy as well as commonsense.

· A blog on Brexit & Article 50 from David Allen Green

Lisbon Treaty Article 50

· How does it work? From Dr Phil Syrpis, Professor of EU Law, University of Bristol

· Can we revoke it once triggered? Richard Tunnicliffe looks at this possibility in his Shades of Article 50 blog @howshouldwevote. This is a key point that doesn’t seem to be getting much air-time — most people seem to be assuming that once notification has been given under Article 50 (2) we cannot stop it.

The House of Lords did examine the process of leaving the EU which had as one conclusion that the UK would be able to revoke a notification under Article 50 provided it did so in the correct manner and before the expiry of the negotiations deadline.

So it looks like we can trigger Article 50 and then revoke this later as long as we signal our intent in advance

An interesting blog from Paul Mainwood on the Brexit process — I hope he is right

MPs role in brexit

· We are being told by HMG that the Referendum gives the Prime Minister authority (Royal Prerogative) to implement Brexit and trigger Article 50

· This is a great piece from @acgrayling on Democracy, Elections and Referendums which goes a long way towards explaining what MPs should be doing now

Katie Griffiths explains why taking this advisory referendum result as a mandate is wrong @kmngriffiths

Why did people shift over to Leave?

· A great piece on the Brexit Blues from John Lanchester

Why we lost the Referendum, from an expert: professor @Johnvanreenen

· LSE analysis of voting patterns

Below are a series of links from the Want2Stay @proremain blog page:

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else.

Frances Coppola, Grieving for lost empire.

Chris Dillow, On the causes of Brexit.

Charles Grant, Why Britain voted leave, if it does.

Charles Grant, How Brexit is changing the EU.

Charles Grant, Europe’s offer to a post-Brexit Britain.

Boris Johnson, There is only one way to get the change we want: vote to leave.

Simon Kuper, Brexit: a coup by one set of public school boys against another.

Daniel Kahneman, Voters succumb to impulse, irritation, and anger.

Steve Keen, Time to call time on EU experiment.

Mehreen Khan, I am young, and I voted leave, and there are no regrets.

Paul Krugman, Motivated reasoning.

Patrick Minford, The economic case for leaving.

Jonathan Portes, The Treasury’s Brexit analysis and immigration.

Jonathan Portes, The hysteria about immigration statistics doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Ken Rogoff, Democratic failure.

George Soros, The only winners will be speculators.

Polly Toynbee, Brexit supporters have unleashed furies even they can’t control.

John Van Reenen, The verdict from a derided expert.

Simon Wren-Lewis, Osborne’s Folly.

Simon Wren-Lewis, A referendum on taxes?.

Simon Wren-Lewis, A divided nation.


Why the EU should be changing whilst we try to #exitbrexit

From EU relaunch or Die @POLITICOEurope

Brexit is like a tragedy that reads like a satire from @williamkeegan — why we must do something


One if not the key issue in the campaign will need to be address in whatever future we have be it Brexit or Bremain

· Emergency Brake concessions? Guardian

· Do we already have enough controls on EU FOM from Brad K Blitz

· Did Migration play that big a part from Brad K Blitz — see NewEuropean

· Commentators such as Tom Bradby (Facebook June 30th 4.19 posting), are suggesting that we can still get the EU to address some of the more emotive objections to remaining, which are a problem for all the members with high GDP per capita, not just the UK. The EU may have more incentive to address these issues if they think the UK might be able to stay if these changes are made.


· Revolt of the Sheep from David Welsh

· Non-party crownfunding initiative for political influence

· And very good piece from Johnathan Porritt on why a new way

Brexit Lies

· Crowdfunded action against Liars in Public Office from @brexitJustice

· Is there a case to answer? Anthony Eskander evaluates the case against and again in more detail

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