JulianSmith MP Remainer now supporting Leave?

Treating Advisory Referendum as Mandatory. Ignoring the 67% non-leave voters, the lies told to win the vote, the 2.5m EU residents living in the UK and an MP’s sworn duty to act in best interest of UK and Constituents

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am a constituent of Skipton & Ripon living and voting in XXXXXXXXX North Yorkshire.

​Thank you for your efforts campaigning to remain in the EU, a decision which was clearly in the best interests of Great Britain.I am sorry you were unable to reach those who voted to leave the European Union, but the fight is far from over.

On June 23rd 2016, the wrong decision was made by an electorate ill equipped to make it. Many of us will never know why David Cameron passed this most critically important decision to us — perhaps the most far reaching political decision made in a lifetime. He had access to all the facts, the expert opinion and support from every world leader worth listening to.

He was elected to serve us, to make the decisions we can’t. He knew the right course to take — and be under no illusion, there was a ‘right’ path — yet he chose to pass the buck to the very people least equipped to make it. He should never have given the responsibility for the fate of our country to its people.

​But he did — and now parliament faces a real choice. Determining the very legacy you leave the country you love.

Worse still the campaign was in no way fair or honest. Large sections of the electorate were manipulated by the prominent Leave campaigners with their glittering false promises. Many, many of those who voted to leave did so believing lies fed to them with breathtaking deceit — lies designed to prey upon the vulnerable, to offer them false hope and swell their deepest and darkest prejudices and fears. If a company falsely advertises a product or service, intentionally misleading the consumer, they are held to account, their promotional campaign is halted and the end user protected.

It is your duty a a member of Parliament to protect these vulnerable citizens from the consequences of such wholesale deceit.

In the wake of the devastating referendum result, there are now over 16 million people who find themselves and their country on the verge of making a catastrophically ill advised leap into the dark. One which will have immense and hugely significant repercussions for generations to come. We could see that the arguments put forward by you and the StrongerIN team were built upon reliable evidence and sound reasoning and we agreed with you that the United Kingdom should remain a leading member of the European Union in the best interests of the UK and it’s citizens.

As you know — nothing has changed — it is still in the best interests of your constituents if the UK remains in the EU.

​As my Member of Parliament you have a duty to represent the best interests of the Country and in particular your constituents, From the arguments you put forward during this campaign you know that the correct way forward for the UK is for us to remain in the EU. You are honour and duty bound to fight for this position. It is for Parliament to decide upon the way forward — The referendum was Advisory only not a mandatory decision — it is for Parliament to decide what happens next, taking into account the wishes of the people but also the best interests of the people.

As my representative I ask that you please represent my interests in a way consistent with the views you have already expressed.

Yours respectfully,

Peter Cxxxxxxxxxx

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