A Little Bit About My Project Hehe

In 2014, I released hehe, a “simulator” game, to the Google Play Store.

It started as a joke.

My original goal was to create a game with ZERO outside files other than the program itself, and the launcher icon. I used GameSalad, the only engine I know how to use, The GameSalad says that the project is only 176KB (the project file clocks in slightly larger, at 227KB), but the APK on Google Play is 5.5MB (not quite sure what caused this massive jump). That’s pretty good for any app. Part of the guidelines also included no colors besides black and white. After a few days of playing around with the idea, it turned into a motion based, puzzle like, illusion sort of thing. You tap things; you drag things; things move. It is actually not that exciting. I put it under the category “Simulation” in the store, even though it really is not a simulation whatsoever. Here’s what I put as the app description:

Do you like puzzles, brainteasers, or illusions? Are you interested in simple, thoughtfully designed apps? If you said yes to either of these questions, then you should try hehe, a mind-boggling, intuitive puzzle. The simplicity of hehe will blow your mind and the two stunning visualizations will blow it even more.
1: Simply Tap to Start
2: Choose either the White or Black visualization by tapping and holding on the color you choose.
3: Tap the center square and drag your finger. Voila! Watch as the squares move in sync with your finger and as your brain tries to catch up with them.
4: Simply Tap with Two Fingers to exit a visualization.
hehe is compatible with any Android device running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or newer.

It’s very cheesy, but it makes an otherwise boring app “hehehilarious.” You can download the final project here from the Google Play Store.

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