Diane Straus supported Ben Jealous for Md. Governor. We do, too.

It’s rare that someone as progressive as Ben Jealous has a chance to become governor. That’s why Diane Straus — our Mom, partner, sister and aunt — was so excited about his candidacy.

Diane and Ben became friends shortly before Ben became the youngest-ever head of the NAACP. When Ben asked Diane to serve on the board of the NAACP’s magazine, The Crisis, she quickly said yes.

This fall Diane was gearing up to assist Ben once again, this time by campaigning for him. But she fell ill and we lost her to cancer in December.

Diane believed that when good people step up to run for higher office it’s important not to watch from afar, but to do our part. So in her memory, that’s what we’re doing.

Maryland’s Democratic primary is just around the corner (June 26) and it promises to be a nail-biter. If you care about the Fight for $15, health care for all and a cleaner environment, Ben’s your candidate.

He’s been endorsed by unions and activists (including 350.org), as well as by Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Ben’s also got our support. Hopefully yours too.

Join the fight here.


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