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Dear Mimi

None who know me would consider me either sexist or vile — except you, who certainly don’t know me, so you don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s OK, we hopefully grow and learn. You have in your mind fabricated some notion about my criteria about what men are “allowed” to do with women. Those are words you attempt to put in my mouth. What I do with a woman is what we each allow to happen. That is understood. As well, in my case the woman knows — really knows — her biology (it’s her work), and would explode in laughter were I to show her your notion of “pulling out prevents pregnancy and std’s” — which, alas, is not true. In all seriousness, for your own good, I ask you to consult with your physician about this.

With respect to your advice about not reading on the site, thank you for your concern about what I should “allow” myself to read. I can’t decide whether to call the suggestion juvenile, or puerile. I’d say both, but I won’t call you nasty names like vile and sexist.

In parting, I’ve read your story that one time, and recall my response to it. My recollection is of interesting plot, good English, but sketchy biology. I did really like the rest of the story. Even learnt a new phrase -“sprogs all over my tits”- New verb for me, might use it tonight…It’ll get a laugh.

Keep writing. You’ll get better and better, I’m certain. Try to keep the nasty responses in check — that should come with experience and more maturity.

Thanks for giving me a break from serious stuff to write this shit.

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